Innovation and Information Technologies Research Centre

Near East University, in partnership with IBM, established the NEU Innovation and Information Technologies Centre, which is the foundation of NEU TechnoPark and the centre of research and development and innovation activities.

The Innovation and Information Technologies Centre, whose aim is to be a key centre of research and development and innovation activities in the TRNC, the region and the world, works in collaboration with the "NEU-IBM Advanced Research Centre", which supports the realization of this mission and provides the necessary advanced scientific research infrastructure.

As defined in in the Oslo Manual prepared by the OECD and the EU, innovation is a product, method or idea of a new or improved product/service that is also marketable.

Near East University considers the components of education, research and development, and innovation, which are the foundations of science and technology, as the most important means of increasing economic growth, social development and quality of life, and thus ensuring a sustainable future. Near East University believes that the unity of these components requires continuous cooperation between the university, industry and society.

In line with this belief, Near East, which has been involved in all levels of education and training throughout all stages of life, has implemented this important project within the scope of its mission of guiding and leading the society and all humanity towards a sustainable future.

The Centre for Innovation and Information Technologies will lead the creation of the TRNC Research Area within the framework of its European Research Area (ERA) and Turkey Research Area (TARAL) mission, and has played and continues to play important roles in multi-partner projects that can create synergy in the region and internationally. The Centre also provides an excellent environment for conducting research and development and innovation studies at the national and international level, especially at the universities and institutions of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and the Republic of Turkey.