Atatürk Culture and Congress Centre

Near East University, which cares about the presence of many cultural and social activities that support and are at the heart of a quality and effective education, has made it its mission to be a university that reflects all the colours of the rainbow. In this context, the Atatürk Culture and Congress Centre, which was designed to host of all kinds of national and international congresses, seminars, meetings, conferences and cultural events, was established. The centre consists of four halls, a great hall, two foyers, an exhibition hall and support service units. The Great Hall has been designed with the stage facilities for concerts, theatre, opera, cinema and ballet performances.

The Great Hall has a capacity of 700 people and within the 163.85m2 stage area, there is an orchestra pit that can go down 185 cm with decor suspension systems, cinema curtain, backstage curtains, frieze curtains and all the necessary infrastructure for the theatre. In addition, the Great Hall was designed for multiple purposes and its acoustic specifications and design were made in accordance with symphonic concerts and chamber music. Servo motor mobile systems for the existing lighting systems, sound systems, soft pipes and stage decorations, screens suitable for cinemascope display, and data projector screens in the stage are connected to a control system and are computer controlled and operated from a centre.