Summer School

The summer school is offered as a 7-week intensive course program by the following faculties:

  • Atatürk Education Faculty
  • Maritime Faculty
  • Arts and Sciences Faculty
  • Fine Arts and Design Faculty
  • Economics and Administrative Sciences Faculty
  • Communications Faculty
  • Architecture Faculty
  • Engineering Faculty
  • Stage Arts Faculty
  • School of Physical Education and Sports
  • School of Tourism and Hotel Management
  • English Prep School

Summer school starts from the second week of June and continues until the end of August. The academic calendar for the summer school is determined with the approval of the Senate. Each course opened in the summer school is equivalent to the total course hours in the regular semesters.

Summer school is considered as a separate semester to the fall and spring semesters. Students' overall Grade Point Averages for the summer school are separately evaluated as of the end of the summer school.

During the summer school, all the facilities of NEU are offered to students. The Library, Dormitories, Innovation Centre, and laboratories are open and it is possible for students to participate in social and cultural activities.

The summer school also offers other university students the opportunity to take courses.

  1. Summer School Aims:
  • To allow students to take courses they failed in the previous semesters,
  • To ensure that students take the courses that they have previously taken but were unsuccessful in,
  • To ensure that students take courses so that they do not lose out on their semester, to give the unsuccessful students the opportunity to repeat the courses they have failed, to provide successful students with the opportunity to graduate in a shorter time, to make use of the physical resources during the holidays, to prevent backlogs in the Fall and Spring semesters.
  1. Principles Regarding NEU Summer School
  • Undergraduate courses that will be offered in the summer school are determined by the decisions of the relevant department and faculty administrative board. Undergraduate and associate degree students can enrol in 3 courses with a maximum of 12 credits in summer school. During the summer school, students can also enrol in courses that they could not take previously or that are planned to be offered in the upcoming semesters. After the classes have started, any requests to add, change and drop courses are not valid in summer school.
  • It is compulsory for students to attend classes in summer school. Students who cannot attend the exams for a valid reason are given a make-up exam. Upon the request of the student, their Summer School registration can be cancelled with the decision of the Faculty Administrative Board.
  • Tuition fees for summer school are determined per course,
  • In summer schools, full-time faculty members must teach at least one course.
  • The paid lessons given by the instructors cannot exceed 16 hours per week

Principles of taking courses from other universities for NEU students in the summer term:

  • For students to take courses from other universities in the summer term, the student's Grade Point Average must be CGPA ≥2.0
  • It is possible to take a maximum of 2 courses from another university during summer. The total number of courses taken from universities other than NEU should not exceed 5
  • A course offered at NEU during summer school cannot be taken at another university.
  • The language of the course to be taken from abroad must be in accordance with that of NEU.
  • In order to take courses from another university, the student must submit a letter on behalf of the Head of Department at the end of the Spring semester. The letter must show the name and address of the University as well as the courses that will be taken and their contents. The letter must be approved by the Dean of the Faculty after the Head of Department has approved it. The deadline for submitting a petition to take courses from another university is the day of registration for summer school at NEU.
  • Students taking courses from another university must submit a transcript containing the courses they took at the end of summer school.
  • Only courses in which students obtain a grade of ≥2.5/4 from other universities are accepted.
  • Compulsory courses that have a laboratory in the Faculty of Engineering are not allowed to be taken from other universities.
Aim / Scope

An intensive Summer School program is organized for students who are enrolled in the spring semester or who fail the preparatory school and do not want to lose a semester.

The Summer School includes a program that provides our students with the ability to understand and comprehend what they read and hear in the English language stipulated by the education-training programs in which they are enrolled, to express themselves adequately in writing and verbally, and to provide the ability to communicate internationally that is necessary in professional, cultural and social life.

Duration and Attendance

The Summer School Program is 7 weeks and the calendar is determined and announced by the Senate of Near East University. Attendance is mandatory. Successful students can move on to their respective departments at the beginning of the fall semester.

Offered Courses:
If the required number of students is met, the following courses are included in the summer school program.
ENG 010 General English 1 Simla Dana, İpek Barut, Sertan Eres, Elvan Yamaç
ENG 020 General English 2 Firuzan Remzi, Esra Efekan, Marina Karapaşa
ENG 020 English Program for Medicine and Pharmacy Students Debbie Holmes, Hatice Safa, Rezan Şekerzade

ENG 101 English Program for 1st Year 1st Semester students Fatoş Aksaç, Ceyda Barkın, Elvan Albayrak

ENG 102 English Program for 1st Year 2nd Semester students Selen Talat, Ülviye Soysev

ENG 201 English Program for 2nd Year 1st Semester students Aslı Kasabalı

ENG 201 English Program for 2nd Year 2nd Semester students Deniz Altay

English oriented summer camp for international students
Marina Karapaşa, Claire Hawkins

A 30-hour summer camp that includes activities for foreign students who will visit our university to improve their English and introduce both our university and our country.
2-6 July 2012 09:00 -12:00
9-13 July 2012 09:00 – 12:00