Grand Library

"All facilities and services in our Grand Library, including free access to online resources, are available free of charge to students and the general public."

Near East University, believing that the foundation of development lies in knowledge and offers world-class services to all visitors with its library, which is built on an area of 15,000 square meters and operates 24/7.

The library has been open to the public since its establishment and provides access to more than 2,250,000 printed books and over 60,000 electronic journals, offering access to 1 billion electronic resources from all around the world. The library also includes 10,500 DVDs, 17 screening rooms, 12 individual and group study rooms, 4 amphitheaters with a capacity of 1,000-seat, a 350-seat theater stage, and 1,000 study desks.

Within the library, there are facilities such as audio-visual viewing cabins, a children's library, the CMC archive room, special book collections dedicated to individuals who have made significant contributions to society, including Atila Türk, Kutlu Adalı, Hakkı Atun, Rare Works section, and the American Corner, which is the only one of its kind in the TRNC and is funded by the U.S. Embassy.

Near East University Grand Library, with its extensive collection of resources, diversity, user types and numbers, the types of services it offers, its modern architectural building, and its friendly service approach, is a modern library.

The primary goal of the Near East University Grand Library is to support the university's research, teaching, learning, management, and socio-cultural activities with effective library and information services and to encourage the university's academic staff, students, as well as the entire community, including the people of the TRNC and other users, to benefit from the library services and facilities.

All areas of the Grand Library Complex are equipped with the latest electronic technology and are open for use by members of Near East University and to the public. Special entrance and elevator facilities have been provided for disabled users from outside the library. Additionally, the main entrance of the library building is equipped with ramps and facility allows easy movement for disabled users. The same approach is present within the library building and its services. The library, designed to meet the physical accessibility requirements of disabled users, also houses Braille books and audio book collections.

The exhibition hall within the Grand Library serves as a central location for cultural and artistic events.

All of the mentioned facilities and services are offered free of charge to students and the public.

With a sense of social responsibility, the library hosts many events that provide service and contributions to the community. In this context, it operates openly for public and private institutions and organizations, as well as non-governmental organizations.

Near East University Grand Library was recognized as the Central Library of the Turkish World in 2007.

Near East University Grand Library is a member of ANKOS, KİTS, TÜBİTAK EKUAL, TÜBESS, National Union Catalog, and GETEM.