Scientific Research Projects

The Near East University Scientific Research Projects (BAP) Coordination Department was established in 2016 in order to resolve the deficiencies in the science, art, technology, economy, social and cultural fields of the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus and to increase the quality of scientific research carried out by the universities. The BAP department is comprised of 1 BAP coordinator, 3 (three) members and 1 (one) secretary. The department works under the Vice-Rector in charge of Health and the Chairman of the Board of Trustees.

The department, which received its first project recommendations and began its activities in September 2016, receives project recommendations twice a year. Different project proposal applications can be made, and it is important that the projects that are requested to last for a maximum of three years, have multiple participants, are multi-centered, inter-institutional, international and interdisciplinary in terms of resources and activities. Faculty members, specialist physicians, researchers who have completed a doctorate or proficiency in art education can submit project proposals. Additionally, master's, doctorate and proficiency in art thesis research projects are considered as a priority. It is the responsibility of BAP to evaluate, accept and support the project proposals after the applications, to carry out and monitor the related services, to evaluate the results and to announce them to the public.

As a result of the supported projects, all information is kept confidential in cases such as patent, product, method and algorithm development, and the rights are determined by an additional protocol between the project team and Near East University.

The BAP department continues its activities with the mission and vision of being a pioneer in the development of theoretical or applied scientific projects that can contribute to science, economy and art at a social or universal level, reflecting all contemporary and scientific developments in their work, having innovative thinking, knowing how to produce, and believing that all opportunities should be used effectively, economically and efficiently.

Management Board Members
  • Prof. Dr. Seda VATANSEVER (BAP Coordinator)
  • Prof. Dr. Nurettin ABACIOĞLU (Member)
  • Prof. Dr. Ulaş YAVUZ (Member)
  • Prof. Dr. Güney YILMAZ (Member)
  • Prof. Dr. Turgut TÜRSOY (Member)
  • Prof. Dr. Özge ÖZDEN (Member)
  • Prof. Dr. Çiğdem HÜRSEN FERAMEZOĞLU (Member)
  • Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ayşe ARIKAN SARIOĞLU (Member)