Lifelong Education Centre

The Near East University Lifelong Education Centre (YABEM) was established to help individuals who will be newly entering work life to adapt to the rapidly changing career and individual developments in the world.

In the era of globalisation we are experiencing, the only thing that does not change is change itself.

The only factor that will not change in the era of change that we are living in is that education is lifelong. YABEM aims to raise the society’s standard of living and contribute to the development of the country by providing lifelong learning with short-term training and certificate programs developed by taking into account the changing conditions of the market and the priorities of institutions and individuals in accordance with the needs and purposes of the era in which we live. YABEM carries out many programs by matching the demands of the market with the academic research and experience of Near East University. In this regard, all the campus facilities of Near East University and its academic personnel are used by YABEM for the abovementioned aims. YABEM organises various short and long-term education programs and certificate programs for those who want to renew their knowledge and skills, develop their occupational experience or want to branch out into new occupational fields by learning new information and skills.

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