DESAM Research Institute

The Near East University Experimental Health Sciences Research Centre (NEU-DESAM) has continued its national and international scientific activities since June 2015. At the beginning of 2020, DESAM became the DESAM Institute. As a result of this new development, it plays an active role in providing work for Research and Development (R&D) and post-doctorate research. DESAM research laboratories and study subgroups are contained within the DESAM Institute. It enables studies in specialised fields such as bioinformatics, artificial intelligence, molecular medicine, mathematical models in health and foetal medicine to be researched at the post-doctorate level.

With the aim of advancing Near East University, which has the objective of becoming a 4th Generation University, the DESAM institute has expanded its field providing certificate programs and research services in order to bring together the technological developments of the age, to train qualified personnel in a multi-disciplinary environment, to make good scientific production and to ensure scientific sustainability. Additionally, in line with the necessities of this generation, the institute aims to cover the fields of artificial intelligence, 3D design and printing, 3D bioprinting, mathematical modelling in health, genome engineering and acts as a bridge between the fields of health and technology.

Since the day it was established, DESAM has been a centre that has adopted the principles of institutionalism attaching importance to the cooperation between national and international disciplines, aiming to prioritise the values of human life and dignity,
respecting ethical rules, producing global, high quality, valid and reliable information, and educating creative and unique individuals.

The purpose of the DESAM Institute is to conduct unique scientific research in experimental health sciences based on the principle of training academicians who are lifelong learners in a modern and free academic and multi-disciplinary environment, and to train academic scientists who are free-thinking, productive and beneficial to the community.

The mission of the DESAM Institute comprises a disciplined structure which covers the fields of health, technology and engineering to ensure scientific continuation. The Institute aims to contribute to the development of modern science, technology, society and management through international collaboration certificate programs to increase the recognition of its research and research services.

The Institute hosts certificate programs and post-doc (post-doctoral research) programs with the vision of achieving high quality research and creating a competitive environment to increase the success rate. Programs that will provide training in parallel with scientific and technological developments in line with the rapidly developing modern information age, such as mathematical modelling in health, bioinformatics, disease modelling and genome engineering, systems biology, genomics, three-dimensional bioprinting and artificial intelligence in health are all available at the Institute. Due to the requirements of the artificial intelligence era, our main vision is to form a bridge between health and social fields. The DESAM Institute, which has the vision of creating collaboration protocols in order to increase multidisciplinary project production, will be of critical importance for increasing the recognition of our university. All the opportunities of the DESAM Institute are open to academicians and researchers that have devoted themselves to research in order to increase scientific production.