Student Appointment System

With the awareness of being a 4th generation university, our university considers being in active communication and interacting with both internal and external stakeholders as one of its most important duties. For this reason, we have implemented the Student Appointment System in order to further increase the quality of the education, health and research services we provide, and to make our students an important element of the development of our university.

The Student Appointment System is a system created for our students to make a 15-minute face-to-face appointment with senior managers for all kinds of academic or non-academic problems.

  • There are 36 senior managers on the system and every student can request an appointment from one manager.
  • Appointment requests can be deleted students up to 1 day before the appointment date, and the time and day can be changed. Within 1 day, changes cannot be made, and if it is approved, it is important to comply with the appointment time.
  • When you request an appointment, it will appear orange and a manager’s approval will be required. The manager can approve or reject the appointment.
  • When the manager approves the request, it will turn blue. When it is cancelled, there will be no colour.

Click here to enter the Student Appointment System.