R&D and Innovation

Near East Research Innovation and Technology Area (NERITA) takes its name from a mythological being on the island.

Nerites was the son of Nereus and Doris from Greek mythology who made Aphrodite fall in love with him. When Aphrodite was climbing Olympus, the mountain of the gods, she wanted to take him with her; however, Nerites chose the sea which was the land of his mother and father instead of the mountain of the gods. Aphrodite, who became very angry due to this decision, turned him into a sea creature who became stuck between the rocks and could not move.

NERITA, which takes its name from this sea creature endemic to our island, is rapidly advancing towards making Cyprus an Innovation Island through the Technology Development Area, Technology Transfer Office, Co-Working Space that will be established under its banner and by working in collaboration with the UNDERGROUND Maker Space, Fab-Lab and Pro-Lab’s set up under the Near East University Innovation and Information Technology Centre.

Technology Development Zone

Technology Development Zone (What is Technopark)
The concept of Technology Development Zones (it is also frequently referred to as Technopark or Technocity) first emerged in the United States in the 1950s.

This concept, pioneered by Stanford University, began to be accepted all over the world over time and its numbers have increased gradually. Although most of them were established in the beginning of the 80’s, the number of TDZs has now reached around 4000.

The process, which officially began with the Technology Development Zones law enacted in 2001 in Turkey, has accelerated and 83 Technology Development Zones have been established so far.

The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus has revised and updated the Technology Development Zones Law, which was previously enacted in its Assembly and this update has legally contributed to the technological development. The TRNC Technology Development Zones Regulation, which was established towards the end of 2020, paved the way for the establishment of the TDZ. The TDZ development of our University is making rapid progress.

Co-Working Space
The NERITA Co-Working Space is an organization that aims to bring a breath of fresh air to the TRNC in this direction by bringing together a community that is passionate about innovation, is open to new ideas and actively works for positive change.

As a team that believes in the power of growing together, efforts to establish an area that will support the growth of entrepreneurs have begun.

Information and Technology Transfer Office

What is the Information and Technology Transfer Office?
Information and Technology Transfer is a term that defines the process of the innovations in information and technology being opened up to third parties when at the idea phase.

Structures that are managed by specialists in their field and act as an interface are called Technology Transfer Offices (TTO).

Technology Transfer Offices have three main duties.

  • Ensuring university-industry collaboration, supporting joint studies and projects
  • Protection and commercialization of intellectual and industrial property rights
  • Supporting entrepreneurial activities within the university and its affiliated ecosystem.

Along with these three basic tasks, other areas that will support these processes can be discussed during the technology transfer process.

The NERITA Technology Transfer Office aims to strengthen the pioneering structure of Near East University in technology development, R&D and innovation nationally and internationally, to mediate scientific and technological knowledge, to support knowledge production, professional project management and R&D within the university. It was established to ensure the commercialisation of the knowledge and technology that emerged as a result of technological advancements and to develop an entrepreneurship culture.

Institutional Development

The Education, Awareness and Cooperation Unit organizes trainings to increase awareness and knowledge on Information and Technology Transfer, studies to be included in national and international networks on Technology Transfer and to provide necessary cooperation.

It continues its activities in line with the strategies determined for the researchers of our university to benefit from national and international information and technology processes.

Our Information and Technology Transfer Office prepares training programs for Students, Researchers, Entrepreneurs and other stakeholders and conducts these training programs under the NERITA Academy.

The training topics that are being worked on at the moment are as follows:

  • Professional Project Management
  • Innovation Management
  • Entrepreneurship
  • 21st Century Skills

Our Ecosystem

    • Associations we Make Protocols with
      • Akdeniz University Technology Transfer Office (https://akdeniztto.com.tr/)
      • International Sleep Science Technology Assocaiton (ISSTA) (https://www.isstasleep.org/)
    • Collaborations
      • Now Sprint Pre-Sprint Program (https://nowsprintaccellerator.com/)
      • Stage – Co Sprint Program (https://stage-co.com/tr/anasayfa/)
      • Innovative Entrepreneurship Project
    • TRNC Entrepreneurship Ecosystem

Our BTTO team are working on a project related to the TRNC national and international entrepreneurship ecosystem. The results of our project and related documentation will be shared in the second quarter of 2021.

Project and Product Management Department

The project and product management unit within BTTO is the unit that supports the process of project design and management, starting with the initial idea. An expert in technology transfer, innovation and project management can support our researchers who have project ideas. This support, which is important for the idea, analysis, planning and development of the project, is provided by ourselves.

University Industry Collaboration Unit

The main purpose of the University-Industry Collaboration studies is to contribute to the transformation of the scientific potential of the university into economic value by transferring it to the industry/private sector and to provide sustainable cooperation between the academicians and industrialists at the university by directing the companies in the region to R&D and innovation studies.

  • To ensure the formation of new business partnerships and to organize various visits and events by conducting industry-university focus group studies.
  • Meeting and networking with institutions that will increase cooperation in the city and in the country (such as the Chamber of Industry, the Chamber of Commerce)
  • Contributing to the determination of the R&D needs and expectations of the academician and the company for the project idea,
  • To support the industry in R&D studies in every step of the process from idea to product,
  • To be a guide in transferring the knowledge of academicians to the industry, ensuring university-industry cooperation and managing the whole process,
  • Industry-Ensuring the establishment of industry collaboration platforms will be its main activities.

Intellectual Assets Management and Commercialization Unit

Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights is an important factor for the protection of developed technologies. Together with various protections within the TRNC, it is possible to have intellectual protections in Turkey and worldwide.

At TTO, we have started to support our researchers in these processes. Our researchers who developed a new innovation can come to our office and receive information and consultation on this subject.

We can complete your intellectual property protection processes by initiating the process with the Invention Notification Form. The Invention Notification Form can be downloaded from the Forms and Documents tab.


Innovation and production are very important for Near East University. Many entrepreneurs have implemented their innovative ideas when studying at university and have been very successful. As Near East University, we provide comprehensive support to our students so that they can bring their innovative ideas to life. Our student’s innovative ideas are evaluated by our Technology Transfer Office. The necessary finances are provided for the idea to be brought to life after it has been approved.

The Near East Research Innovation Technology Area (NERITA) organizes entrepreneurship workshops for students throughout the year, providing entrepreneurship training and information on business development. A bond is established between the students, the university and the sector through the cooperation of institutions.

At the end of the process, the revised project files of our students are evaluated by the Technology Transfer Office and the projects are implemented.

NEU Patent Policy

Near East University supports the processes of the innovations produced by its researchers. All ideas suitable for patenting are evaluated through the processes carried out by the Information and Technology Transfer Office Intellectual Assets Management and Commercialization Unit, and if deemed appropriate, they are supported by preliminary research and application processes.

Process Map

  • Designing the Invention Idea and completing the Invention Notification Form
  • Sending the Invention Notification Form to the patent representative
  • Conducting pre-research
  • Sending the Pre-Research Report to the inventors
  • Completion of necessary adjustments and corrections
  • Preparation of the specification by the patent representative
  • Control of the specification by the inventors
  • Application
  • Turkish Patent and Trademark Process
  • Appeal Evaluation
  • Result Declaration

In cases where the patent is approved, the organisation process begins.

Our Patents

Umbilical Cord Clamp (Design Registration: 201807105 / In the Patent Registration Stage)

Inventors: Doç. Dr. Emil Mammadov, Yard. Doç. Dr. Betül Mammadov, Ersin Aytaç

Antioxidants, Antimicrobial rich and natural vegan food packaging (In the Patent Registration Stage)

Inventors: Asst. Prof. Dr. Vasfiye Hazal Özyurt, Dr. Lecturer Müge Şahin, Dr. Funda Özkök

Anthraquinone Derivative, Synthesis and Uses (2019/22464)

Inventor: Asst. Prof. Dr. Vasfiye Hazal Özyurt

Preparation of Molecular Imprinted Biosensor Surface for Detection of Helicobacter Pylori (Patent Registration Stage)

Inventors: Prof. Dr. Tamer Şanlıdağ, Asst. Prof. Dr. Süleyman Aşır, Prof. Dr. Adile Esen (Hacettepe University), Dr. Monireh Bahhspour (Hacettepe University)

Multifunctional Birthing Ball (Patent Registration Stage)

Inventors: Yard. Doç. Dr. Betül Mammadov, Doç. Dr. Emil Mammadov

Ghost TTA (Patent Application Stage)

Inventors: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Alper Çetinkaya, Asst. Prof. Dr. Soner Çağatay, Ersin Aytaç

Vet-Stent (Patent Application Stage)

Inventors: Asst. Prof. Dr. Çağrı Gültekin, Ersin Aytaç

Multi-Purpose Microfluidic Organ-System Simulation Chip – (Patent Application Stage)

Inventors: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Buket Baddal, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Emil Mammadov, Ersin Aytaç

Entrepreneurship Unit

It is the unit that organizes entrepreneurship programs and activities in order to increase and spread the number of business ideas and an entrepreneurship culture. Its aim is to contribute to the entrepreneurship culture both within Near East University and nationally with various activities that combine theory with practice.

Support will be provided by NERITA to entrepreneur candidates and people involved in the pre-incubation and incubation system. This support includes:

  • Need Specific Mentoring
  • Investor Meetings
  • Networking
  • Co-Lab and Maker Lab support (with the collaboration of UNDERGROUND Headquarters)
  • Work Development studies
  • Academic and Organisational Meetings


  • Head
  • TTO Team


    Our Activities

    • The Activities we Have Conducted / Participated in
      • Workshops
        • Entrepreneurship and Technological Developments Roadmap
        • BIO IPR Workshop and Meetings
        • Circular Economy
        • Innovation in Crisis and Entrepreneurship after a Pandemi
        • Young Entrepreneurship and New Occupations
      • Visits
        • Ministry of Transport Visit
        • Department of Industry Visit
        • KOBİGEM – YAGA Visit
        • Security Forces Command Visit
        • Chamber of Industry Visit
        • METU Katev Visit
        • Faculty and Institute Visits
        • Vodafone Visits
        • United Stated of America Embassy Visits
      • III. KOBI Summit
      • 43. TRNC International Fair
      • Özay Günsel Children’s University Activities
      • FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) Association Activities
        • FRC Turkey National Committee Commission
        • FIRST Global Challenge Jury Membership
        • FIRST Robotic Competition Taiwan Jury Membership
        • FIRST Robotic Competition Pre-Season 2020 Jury Coordination
        • Now Sprint Pre Acceleration Program
        • Design Thinking Education (In collaboration with the innovative entrepreneurship project)
        • Capacity Building Workshop on Social Entrepreneurship
        • CYPRUSSINNO Entrepreneurship Meeting
        • Ministry of Economy Vision 2035 Work Group
        • Akdeniz University TTO Visit
      • Future Activities
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