Student Deanship

The Student Deanship aims to create the environment required for an efficient, active and high-quality university life, where our students and graduates integrate with the university, feel the support of the university in every field for their personal, cultural, social and professional development, solve all their problems and experience the happiness and pride of being a Near Easterner.

The Student Deanship is an integral part of Near East University throughout the education period; it provides services, programs and various opportunities, it supports our students in preparing them for life, contributing to their knowledge besides providing certificates, instilling a sense of confidence in the individuals that will build the future, as well as providing them with a profession.

Student Counselling and Communication Department, Psychological Counselling Department, Student Activity department, Neu Ideas Department, Career Planning Department, Social Responsibility Projects Department, Students with Disability Department and Alumni Department are the units affiliated to the Student Deanship.

Student Counselling and Communications Department
When students encounter situations where they cannot fulfil their academic obligations due to uncontrollable and unexpected reasons, they can submit requests related to all kinds of problems and issues including refunds, academic issues, job applications, dormitory issues and financial issues through the online petition system via the [email protected] email address and the department will help solve students’ problems.

Psychological Counselling Department
Students who want to receive counselling services are directed to the Psychological Counselling, Guidance and Research Centre (PDRAM) or the Near East University Hospital Psychiatry Clinic by the Student Deanship. Students are provided with a counselling service that they can refer to on many issues such as stress, depression, anxiety/fear, difficulties in adapting, and family conflicts that they have encountered throughout their university life.

Career Planning Department
Our university attaches great importance to the preparation of its students for professional business life as much as equipping them academically.

It is the unit established to prepare our students for the business world during their university time, to enable them to know and develop themselves, to realize which fields are suitable for their personality traits and abilities, to help them draw their own path by learning about career stories, and to start their professional life in the most prepared way. Open days, educational activities such as career planning, interview techniques, CV writing and job interview training, career days of faculties and departments, information about internships, part-time and full-time job opportunities, career festivals, and the opportunity to meet with employers are some of the opportunities offered.

Job Opportunities
Near East University students have the opportunity to work part time in the library, hospital, data processing, student dean's office and other departments of our university, in order to make use of their time outside of class hours, earn pocket money and gain experience.

Activity and Neu Ideas Departments
It organizes orientation days and activities that will help students to increase their social and cultural development and enhance their sense of unity and togetherness. This centre also provides consultancy services on issues such as organizing events, directing students to clubs or societies, and representing them individually and institutionally in domestic and international events.

Social Responsibility Projects Department

Social responsibility is one of the cornerstones of the education model. We aim to raise awareness in order to fight for human rights and run literacy programs for very sensitive groups, through volunteering and raising awareness of institutions, and to encourage and cooperate with responsibility projects. We believe that such projects will help to build equal opportunities and a fairer society for all students.

Students with Disabilities Department
All Near East University students including students with special needs are treated equally. Every effort is made to offer practical solutions to the special needs and problems of students with disabilities. In terms of assistance with academic matters, it supports our students with disabilities with services such as extra private lesson arrangements, ease of access to university facilities with an official letter from the school, and providing all possible assistance during exams, and it strives to make their lives easier.

Graduates Department
The Near East University Alumni Centre aims to keep our graduates informed about current class meetings, to bring the graduates together on a common platform, to keep track of the graduates at the end of the semester, and to research which positions and companies the students work in during their careers. It helps our graduates to stay in touch with the University and also offers opportunities for social interaction, networking and all kinds of volunteer activities.

Student Clubs
Student clubs are established at Near East University in order to encourage students to use their spare time according to their interests, to gain new interests, to get used to relaxing and having fun together, to engage in activities related to fine arts, and to participate in cultural and artistic activities.

Every student at our university can join clubs that interest them, and can also take the initiative to form clubs for new interests. In this way, the aim is for students to develop socio-culturally and professionally, gain communication and self-expression skills, organize activities related to club subjects or joint activities, participate in organized activities, make good use of their spare time and gain the habit of having fun together.

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