Experimental Animals Research Centre

Near East University Experimental Animals Research Centre (YDÜDEHAM) provides education and training opportunities related to experimental applications as well as all scientific research and thesis studies in the field of health sciences within the scope of our University and other Universities. The production department, where experimental animals are cared for, reared and bred, is located on our campus with a research laboratory that offers researchers the opportunity to conduct experimental research with advanced technological equipment. Our centre includes a research and application laboratory, maintenance and production departments, cleaning and disinfection department, warehouse and personnel usage areas.

At YDÜDEHAM, model development studies for all kinds of research, care and production of experimental animals are carried out in necessary areas determined by national and international legislation and ethical rules.

With the permission of the Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, in our center within the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of Near East University, mice and rats are bred. The experimental animals are bred from the licensed pure breeds brought in from abroad and Laminar Flow cabins are used for the transportation of these animals. All animals are housed in IVC (Individually Ventilated Cages) and thus completely isolated from their environment. In this way, the welfare of the animals is kept at the highest level, contamination between animals is prevented, and also keeping the environmental parameters under control increases the reliability of the researches.

Our purpose is to ensure that scientific research on healthy and standard experimental animals is carried out in accordance with animal welfare and ethical rules in standardized laboratory conditions for the purpose of the development of science and society.

Mission and Vision

To provide the necessary environment and facilities in accordance with the appropriate standards for scientific experimental animal studies. To prepare suitable seminars, courses and congresses needed for researchers who want to conduct research on experimental animals.

To be a center that raises experimental animals in accordance with international standards and rules, which can meet the animal demand, not only within the Near East University, but also from other universities throughout the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, and supports researchers and science with its advanced animal breeds and laboratories.

At YDÜDEHAM, 9 different studies have been completed since April 2017 when it began its operations, 2 studies are currently being carried out and 7 different studies have been approved by the ethics committee of our University and are scheduled to begin.

YDÜDEHAM Management Board
Name – Surname Duty E-mail
Prof. Dr. Vedat SAĞMANLIGİL Vice Director [email protected]
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Aslı AYKAÇ Member [email protected]
Veterinarian Meliha TEMİZEL Member [email protected]