Near East University Hospital

Near East University Hospital and Dentistry Hospital located on the Near East University campus offer our students 24/7 healthcare.
Near East University Hospital, which has a 55,000 square meter indoor area within the Near East University Campus, consists of three main blocks with three, four and nine floors, 209 single patient rooms of which 22 are VIP, 8 operating theatres, 30 intensive care units and 17 new-born intensive care units.

With its analysis laboratories where all health-related tests can be performed, the Radiology Centre with the most advanced imaging devices that play an active role in diagnosis, the Nuclear Medicine and Radiotherapy Centre, which has very powerful equipment especially in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer cases, and 84 fully digitalized doctor examination rooms, outpatient services are provided to patients at the highest level in a safe environment.

The hospital, built in accordance with international standards and "Joint Commission International" (JCI) accreditation criteria, meets both the medical and other needs of patients according to these standards and criteria.

Near East University Hospital, where patient safety and patient rights are prioritized, provides health services with its medical infrastructure, expert staff and advanced technologies to Turkish and international patients living in England and various parts of the world, especially in Cyprus and Turkey.

At Near East University Hospital, the "International Patient Coordination Centre" provides service to patients coming from abroad. This centre coordinates the transportation of foreign patients to Northern Cyprus, their accommodation, tours and transfers within the country, as well as the ability to communicate in their own language at the hospital, and coordinates the safe return of patients to their countries after their recovery.

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Near East University Dentistry Faculty Hospital

The Near East University Faculty of Dentistry, which is the first Faculty of Dentistry Hospital established within Cyprus Universities, provides services on an area of 8500 m2. Near East University Faculty of Dentistry Hospital has the JCI (The Joint Commission International) accreditation certificate, which has established quality standards in the field of patient health and safety.

The clinics of the Faculty of Dentistry Hospital are designed to provide services for oral, dental and jaw health and disorders with the technological equipment, methods and materials used in the most developed countries of the world. Current practices of modern dentistry, such as implantology, aesthetic dentistry, preventive dentistry, and conscious sedation for the treatment of patients who require sedation, particularly disabled and restless children, are included in the clinical program. In many hospitals and clinics, there is a 'disabled unit' specially created for the treatment of patients with disabilities.

In our hospital clinics, services are provided with dental digital tomography devices, which are still quite rare in the dentistry world, and other modern digital imaging equipment that ensures the patient receive less radiation. The era in which digital X-ray films were distributed manually has come to an end and the infrastructure is now in place that can transfer this data to all parts of the world electronically.

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Located within the Near East University campus, the Near East University Hospital and the Near East University Dentistry Hospital provide free health services to all students from the Republic of Turkey) studying in the TRNC within the scope of the Social Security Institution (SGK. Within the scope of free health service, students can benefit from all medical units including the Emergency, Polyclinic and Operation departments at Near East Hospital, 24 hours a day, seven days a week (24/7).