Distance Learning Centre

The Centre for Distance Learning and Information Technologies (UZEBİM) aims to follow all kinds of modern and state-of-the art innovations in the field of education technology, to produce academic projects in the field of technology, to prepare permanent professional educational courses by effectively using green screen technology, and to prepare distance education content. It continues to organize intensively to present it within the framework of educational models and educational theories.

There are 8 main academic service areas under UZEBİM and coordinators manage these areas. These are Distance Learning, E-exam, Hardware and Infrastructure, Academic Journal Publication, Electronic Document Management, Information Technologies, Academic Performance Evaluation. It maintains and develops these areas with relevant stakeholders.

UZEBİM's duties include determining the technical and pedagogical standards required for all studies that can be offered to its students and instructors through distance education, increasing the quality of education by using distance learning technologies effectively, creating and maintaining the relevant hardware, software and personnel infrastructure, to provide the necessary educational technology and technical support, to ensure that the distance learning carried by the university uses the most accurate and modern methods, to organize the necessary seminars, training and programmes, live broadcast streams and technical and infrastructure support to the teaching staff upon the requests of our university students and instructors.

In a world that is advancing on a new digital basis, at UZEBİM, we aim to provide the best service to our students, lecturers and university by performing software, hardware and educational upgrades by following the latest developments and making the necessary academic resets.

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