Operational Research Center in Healthcare
Operational Research Center in Healthcare

Near East University’s Operational Research Center in Healthcare has been established with the aim of pioneering global studies in the application of multi-criteria decision-making methods to healthcare processes and using artificial intelligence to address health issues. As the 33rd research center of Near East University, we develop and implement advanced analytical methods to enhance decision-making in health and environmental areas. Our team consists of interdisciplinary researchers specializing in medicine, engineering, mathematics, and medical laboratory fields. Our goals include promoting studies that systematically utilize significant information recorded in the field of health, encourage systematic decision-making, and apply artificial intelligence to solve health problems. Furthermore, our center will take a leading role in conducting versatile research integrating engineering, applied, and social sciences through scientific methods with the aim of supporting and improving human life and the environment.

In the face of continually rising global health challenges, decision-making research has emerged as a critical field, particularly in addressing issues such as the spread of COVID-19 infection, vaccine development, vaccine approval, and vaccine delivery. Decision-making plays a crucial role in health policy, environmental improvement, and medical practice as it directly affects the well-being of the population.

The decision-making analyses predominantly conducted in our center focus on how rational choices are made and how decision-making can be improved when faced with complexities, uncertainties, and conflicting values. Decision-making is an analytical and systematic approach to solving problems, whether at an individual or organizational level. Our mission is to produce and share knowledge in various disciplines to enhance effective decision-making and improve analytical skills in academic domains.

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Our mission at the Near East University’s Operational Research Center in Healthcare include;

  1. Applying decision-making tools to solve healthcare problems.
  2. Explore new areas where the practical use of decision-making tools can help in the rapid and efficient delivery of healthcare services.
  3. Create an environment where collaboration is promoted and welcomed.
  4. Collaborate with healthcare policymakers on the latest and efficient approach to decision-making.
  5. Providing patients and experts with knowledge as regards important factors that influence decision-making
  • To promote the healthcare industry by providing new techniques and methodology. Our group evaluates devices not only by their technical and (if relevant) clinical aspects but also by whether they are cost-effective and user-friendly.
  • To expand the operation research era in a modernized and creative way by applying artificial intelligence-supported Decision-making models as well as mathematical algorithms.
  • To educate health caregivers as well as patients themselves by providing enough information regarding the health care system that will help in decision making.
  • To induct good partnership with academics, health, management, engineering, and research fields as it is a disciplinary, interdisciplinary, and multidisciplinary center.
  • This center is concerned with making choices based on available information in addition to producing new knowledge to health management and treatment processes for effective cost management, accessibility, user-friendliness, and ensuring/encouraging a high level of preventable medical errors
5-Years Projection
  1. Publication of several scientific articles and books on the application of the decision-making, biomedical instrumentation and artificial intelligence approach to healthcare.
  2. Improvement of current decision-making tools.
  3. Development of new decision-making methods.
Professional Services
  • The Health Operations Center brings newly developed techniques and methodologies, to give and explain more about the problem-solving solution after conducting In-Depth research.
  • The team will also aid in providing guidelines regarding the decision-making support system which will be accessible to healthcare providers as well as to the patients.
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