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Faculty of Arts and Sciences

YDÜ Öğretim Üyesi Prof. Dr. GOLKARİAN'dan Azerbaycan Türkçesi-Farsça Sözlük

Azerbaijan Turkish-Persian Dictionary from Near East University Faculty Member Prof. Dr. Golkarian

Prof. Dr. Ghadir Golkarian, lecturer at the Near East University Faculty of Arts and Sciences, was awarded by Tabriz Metropolitan Municipality. According to press info released by the Directorate of Press and Public Relations Office of Near East University, the Association of Azerbaijani Authors and the General Directorate of Arts and Culture Affairs of Tabriz Metropolitan Municipality of East Azerbaijan Province awarded Prof. Dr. Ghadi Golkarian with a prize of 5000 Euro, a silverwork simurg painting and a plaque in recognition of his five years lasting efforts and research for preparing Azerbaijani Turkish-Persian General Dictionary. The dictionary, which was copyrighted by Prof. Dr. Ghadir Golkarian, is in compliance with the standards of International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) System that devised by International Phonetic Association . The dictionary also comprises the contemporary sets that currently used in North-South Azerbaijan. The dictionary also covers sound features, term sub-syntagms, origin of words and grammatical features. Near East University Faculty Member Prof. Dr. Golkarian was presented his award by the Mayor of Tabriz Metropolitan Municipality.
Yakın Doğu Üniversitesi’nde Türkçe Yaz Okulu Eğitim Programında Sertifikalar Verildi

Trainees that participated in Near East University Turkish Summer School program received their certificate

Upon the completion of A1 Beginner level Turkish language course for foreigners, the participants received their certificates. The course was organized for Academic Year 2015-2016 Summer Term by Near East Lifelong Learning Center and Turkish Preparatory School under the body of NEU Faculty of Arts and Sciences. According to the press release issued by the Directorate of Press and Public Relations Office of Near East University, the short-term course that lasted 4 weeks and 60 hours in total, 15 hrs per week, was carried out by NEU Faculty of Arts and Sciences lecturers including Asst. Prof. Dr. Burat Gökbulut and Turkish Preparatory School Director Assoc. Prof. Dr. Esra Karabacak.
Yakın Doğu Üniversitesi Sorbonne'de Temsil Edildi

Near East University represented at the Sorbonne

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Slobodan İlic, lecturer of Department of History under Faculty of Arts and Sciences was invited to Paris Sorbonne University and presented “Nuzhat al-Nufūs, Promenade of theSoul, Masterpiece of theBride, and the IslamicScience of Lust” at the “LesMotsduDésir. La langue de l’érotismearabe et ses traductions” conference in Paris.
Yakın Doğu Üniversitesi Fen Edebiyat Fakültesi Mezunları Diplomalarını Aldı

Near East University Faculty of Arts and Sciences graduates received their diplomas

2015-2016 Academic Year Spring Term graduation ceremony of the Near East University Faculty of Arts and Sciences was realized with broad participation of guests and academics including NEU Board of Trustees Chairman Assoc. Prof. Dr. İrfan S. Günsel, NEU vice Rector Prof. Dr. Şenol Bektaş, University of Kyrenia Acting Rector and NEU Faculty of Arts and Sciences Dean Prof. Dr.Ilkay Salihoğlu, chairs of departments, faculty members, students and their parents. Students, who graduated from NEU Faculty of Arts and Sciences by completing successfully the undergraduate programs all of which are accredited by Edexcel, the UK’s largest accreditation body that stands for educational excellence, received their diplomas with a glorious ceremony held at NEU Grand Library Hall 4. Top ranking graduates were awarded with gold medals…… Following the opening remarks, the graduates ranking the top of the academic year 2015-2016 were presented their diplomas and decorated with gold medals by NEU Board of Trustees Chairman Assoc. Prof. Dr. İrfan S. Günsel. Then, all graduates took the stage and received their diplomas. Students and their parents experienced a great happiness and pride upon the presentation of the diplomas. The graduation ceremony ended with throwing graduation caps with the joy and excitement of steering the wheel towards their new career.

Celebrating the Year of Shakespeare

Departments of English Language and Literature, English Language Teaching and Translation and Interpretation invite you to celebrate the year of Shakespeare with a themed event: “Shakespeare in Films.” Movie screenings featuring Shakespeare’s work will take place throughout the first week of May in R9 (Faculty of Arts and Sciences, second floor). The schedule for the screenings is as follows: Date Time Film Tuesday April 26th 14:00 Shakespeare in Love Wednesday April 27th 14:00 Romeo and Juliet Thursday April 28th 14:00 Shakespeare in Love Friday April 29th 14:00 Romeo and Juliet These will be followed by a closing discussion of Shakespeare’s work in general and its representation in the selected movies in particular. The closing event will take place in AKM Hall 1 on 3rd May 2016 from 14:00 to 16:00.
Prof.Dr. İlkay Salipğlu

Why Faculty of Arts and Sciences

In the line with its fundamental objectives, the Faculty of Arts and Sciences adopts quality education and has set it as its goal to offer every opportunity that the students need for a quality education and a comfortable education life. According to the press release issued by the Directorate of Press and Public Relations of Near East University, Dean of Faculty of Arts and Sciences Prof. Dr. İlkay Salihoğlu delivered information regarding the faculty. “Science can be defined as the overall intellectual and practical activities encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behaviour of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment. Carrying out activities in the line with this definition, the Faculty of Arts and Sciences does what is necessary for generating scientific outcomes and expressing them accurately in our native language Turkish and in English, which is considered as the universal language. Our faculty began its educational life with the Department of English Language and Literature within the same year that the university was founded. Upon the approval of the Council of Higher Education of Turkey, the Department of Turkish Language and Literature and the Department of Psychology came into service in 1994. As a result of opening the Department of Mathematics in 2005-2006, the Department of Translation and Interpretation in 2009-2010 and the Department of History in 2013-2014, the departments that affiliated with the Faculty of Arts and Sciences reached to six in number. Molecular Biology and Genetics is an open-ended discipline of basic sciences with increasing importance in today’s world. Considering this fact, we opened this department in 2014-2015 by carrying out necessary procedures and receiving YÖK’s approval. The Department of Psychology and the Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics, in which the teaching medium is English, has begun to offer YÖDAK and YÖK approved programs in Turkish as well since the academic year 2014-2015. In the line with these developments, the academic staff of the faculty has continuously been strengthened with new and qualified members. Considering the increasing demand of foreign students in NEU’s programs that offered in Turkish, we have launched a successful education-training program within the body of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences. Since the academic year 2013-2014 we have been offering basic Turkish language program within the body of Near East University Faculty of Arts and Sciences Turkish Preparatory School. The program aims to equip the foreign students, who enrolled in undergraduate programs implemented in Turkish, with adequate knowledge and skills of Turkish language and enable them to follow the lectures without experiencing any difficulty in understanding. The basic Turkish language program also aims to teach Turkish to the foreign academic and administrative personnel, who are employed by Near East University and willing to learn Turkish, and to the foreigners living in Cyprus and willing to learn Turkish. Within the scope of its fundamental objectives, Faculty of Arts and Sciences Turkish Preparatory School aims to become a leading center by carrying out education, research, application and publication activities and guiding the current and future activities to be conducted in the relevant field. Turkish level of foreign students, who admitted to programs offered in Turkish, is determined with a “Proficiency Exam” held by Turkish Preparatory School. Students, who cannot pass the Turkish proficiency exam and whose language level is not considered sufficient, are placed into the preparatory classes according to their level of Turkish. Their level of Turkish is determined by a placement test given to them by Turkish Preparatory School. The curriculum of Turkish Preparatory school is implemented in two semesters; fall term and spring term, each of which lasts at least 16 weeks. Besides, intensive program is offered by Summer School in summer. Course content comprises grammar, reading-writing, reading-understanding, listening and speaking. Visual and auditory methods are implemented in accordance with the levels that specified by European language teaching standards. At the end of each semester, each student is given a certificate that demonstrates his/her level. Each department of Near East University Faculty of Arts and Sciences is opened after a thorough planning phase. The best indication of this can be seen through the functions of the departments. Department of Turkish Language and Literature, which started its educational life in the academic year 1994-1995, aims to provide high quality education and cultivate highly equipped and competent professionals capable to carry out all required activities regarding their field. Since its establishment, Department of Turkish Language and Literature has been offering quality education and exerting intensive effort to provide all educational and social opportunities for the students. In accordance with Atatürk’s saying: “Culture is the basis of the Republic of Turkey”, the department mainly aims to bring up; individuals who have internalized their own literature and culture and capable to use their mother tongue perfectly. Graduates of the Department of Turkish Language and Literature are employed as teachers by public or private schools affiliated with the Ministry of National Ministry. Moreover, they can be employed as journalists and copywriters. They also have opportunity to find work in the fields of TV, radio and in public relations. The English Language and Literature Department and the Department of Translation and Interpretation have proven their quality by cultivating highly trained and qualified graduates who are on demand. Both departments have been audited and accredited by international accreditation bodies. EDEXEL status, which is the most prestigious accreditation status of quality in language education, has been awarded to both departments in recognition of their quality in education matching the standards specified by Pearson Edexcel. The basic disciplines of social sciences that first come in mind are undoubtedly Psychology and Philosophy. In the world of today, the science of Psychology with its sub-branches offers service almost in all parts of social life. The main aim of the Department of Psychology is to bring up qualified and ardent individuals that equipped with contemporary professional knowledge and skills required to address the needs of hospitals, educational institutions, penitentiaries, industrial institutions, public consultancy centers, and other institutions offering services related to psychological issues. Psychotherapy, test execution, research consultancy, personnel selection, internal communication and development, development of educational measuring instruments and similar psychological services are all among the services provided by psychologists. In this regard, health institutions, research centers, advertising and public relations units, education units of banks and other institutions, private research-development units, psychological consultancy centers, kindergartens, prisons, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers and similar facilities constitute the occupational fields that our graduates engaged in. Mathematics is not merely an ingenious way of dealing with numbers, nor using the right formula for mathematical calculations. Even though there are many benefits of using graphing calculators and computer software, this should never be exaggerated. Most important of all, the applications mentioned above cannot be regarded as mathematics. Those, who aim to receive their undergraduate education at the Department of Mathematics, can stay focused on the target of becoming a mathematician if only they realize this fact. The main objective of the Department of Mathematics is to assist a person using mathematics to progress towards becoming an individual who understands the very essence of math. In order to achieve an advanced academic career in their field and gain qualifications to establish a competitive edge over the others, the graduates of the Department of Mathematics can enroll in master and doctoral degree programs in their countries or in other overseas countries. Besides, they have opportunity to achieve an advanced career by receiving postgraduate education in other fields such as business management, economy, trading, banking, accountancy, computer engineering and computer programming,……… To improve students’ awareness and competence regarding English and Turkish languages; to teach them all theories and techniques in order to equip them with qualifications and competence required for an efficient translation and interpretation, to equip them with comprehensive knowledge regarding cultures and institutions of both languages, to ensure institutional and critical knowledge accumulation in the field of translation, to equip them with knowledge and skills required for writing, reading, understanding and translating terminology and concepts concerned with literature, economy, law, social sciences, international relations, sciences, medicine, technical issues, media-communication and other daily issues, and to ensure the competency in basics of simultaneous conference interpreting is the main objective of the Department of Translation and Interpretation, which is one of the newest departments of our faculty. The students studying in this department are trained at a level that they can translate at least one more language other than English. The Department of History, which is one of the newly-opened departments of our faculty, received YÖDAK and YÖK approvals in July and September, 2013 respectively and began its educational life in the academic year 2013-2014. While introducing the concepts and methods of history to the department students, the undergraduate program of the Department of History aims to equip the students with such comprehensive knowledge and skills that enable them to evaluate the modern world with a historical perspective. At the same time, the department is aimed at cultivating competent, self confident, critical thinking, socially and ethically sensitive and highly qualified teachers that equipped with solid qualifications and a strong commitment to the ideals of teaching profession. The geographical focus o the undergraduate program is composed of the social, economical, political, and cultural aspects of the Eastern Mediterranean history. Ottoman and Turkish History is the main axis of the program. Comparative approaches to the history of this region as well as to the history of Asia and Europe enrich the content of the undergraduate program offered by the Department of History. The students studying at the Department of History are trained and graduated so as to actualize Atatürk’s saying: “To write history is as important as to make history. It is an unchanging truth that if the historiographer is not faithful to the maker, then the unchanging truth comes to a confounding state for the mankind.” The graduates of the Department of History can be employed as academicians by universities after completing their master or doctoral degree programs. Besides, they can be employed as history teachers by public and private schools affiliated with Ministry of National Education after completing the pedagogical formation courses. Besides, they have opportunity to be employed by public institutions such as Ministry of Culture, General Directorate of Prime Ministry State Archives, TBMM Library, State Institute of Statistics, Directorate of History and Strategic Studies of Turkish General Staff, Directorate of Turkish Historical Institution, the Directorate of Atatürk Research Center, and the Directorate of Atatürk Culture Center. Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics is one of the most rapidly advancing science disciplines of our century and it has been emerged in the line with the common developments of biochemistry, cell biology and genetics. As a result of rapid developments in various disciplines in the line with the completion of Human Genome Project in 2003, Microbiology and Genetics has become an important progressive force in many sectors ranging from health to environment, agriculture, husbandry and energy. In our globalizing world, Institutional cooperation, information exchange and sharing of information have a crucial role in science. In this regard, the Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics aims to provide the highest quality education in compliance with standards set by national and international bodies and cultivate first caliber researchers who are devoted to carry out studies in cooperation and exchange information for further innovative scientific studies. The curriculum of the department covers the undergraduate program of Near East University Faculty of Medicine Molecular Biology and Genetics Department. The curriculum of the Department of Microbiology and Genetics is focused on cultivating highly qualified scientists capable to address the demands of our country and the world of science. Our Students are encouraged and motivated to conduct joint scientific studies with prestigious universities located in Europe, the US and in other countries.

Magnificent Graduation Ceremonies of the NEU Atatürk Faculty of Education and Faculty of Arts and Sciences

It was stated that Near EastUniversity, Atatürk Faculty of Education and Faculty of Arts and Sciences had held a magnificent graduation ceremony for their graduates of the Fall Term of the Academic Year 2015-2016. According to the press info release issued by the Directorate of Press and Public Relations of Near East University, Vice Rector of Near East University, Prof. Dr. Fahreddin Sadıkoğlu; Dean of Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Prof. Dr. İlkay Salihoğlu; Dean of Atatürk Faculty of Education, Prof. Dr. Hüseyin Uzunboylu; Academic Members and Students of NEU were present at the graduation ceremony. Furthermore, it was expressed that the graduation ceremony had started with a one minute’s silence, followed by the national anthem. This was later followed by the mini-concert of the choir of the NEU Department of Music. Subsequently, the opening speech of the ceremony was made by the Vice Rector of NEU, Prof. Dr. Fahreddin Sadıkoğlu, where he emphasised how proud they were of the NEU graduates as they had taken an undergraduate study at an establishment such as the NEU, equipping them with all the relevant knowledge and skills needed to be successful in their future lives. He said: “Today, we share the joy and honour of our graduates, graduating at the Fall Term of Academic Year 2015-2016. I would like to take the opportunity to thank the academic members of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences and Atatürk Faculty of Education for their continuous support and efforts, alongside the support provided by the parents, to support, guide and educate the students undertaking their studies; as these are highly essential for the successful achievements of students. Also making a speech, Dean of Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Prof. Dr. İlkay Salihoğlu expressed that graduation was very significant for the graduating students and added that by receiving their diplomas, the students were being rewarded for their past efforts and achievements; and therefore starting a new life. In addition to the above, it was pointed out that the, Dean of Atatürk Faculty of Education, Prof. Dr. Hüseyin Uzunboylu, had also made a speech, emphasising the significance of the education provided by the NEU since this played an important role in the success of the students as they began their career lives. Furthermore, Prof. Dr. Hüseyin Uzunboylu expressed gratitude to the Founding Rector of the Near East University, Dr. Suat İrfan Günsel; Rector and Vice Rectors of NEU, for their support and contributions to the Atatürk Faculty of Education, as this meant a lot to them. It was revealed that following the aforementioned speeches, the students were presented their diplomas; and that the ceremony had ended with graduates throwing their caps into the air while listening to the Near East University anthem.

NEU is in a German Journal Related to work on History of Cyprus

Head of Department of History of Near East University, Prof Dr Ali Efdal Özkul’s work titled as “The Ottoman Empire’s tax policy in Cyprus during the eighteenth century” has been published (in English) in a special edition of Archivum Ottomanicum Journal in Germany, that is edited by a turkologist, György Hazai, who has recently passed away on 7th December, 2016. According to the press info release issued by the Directorate of Press and Public Relations of Near East University, Archivum Ottomanicum has been published by the Harrassowitz Verlag Publishing House since 1969. Furthermore, it was expressed that the special edition of the aforementioned journal comprised the work, regarding the history and culture of Cyprus, of fifteen researchers from Turkey, Greece, Germany, North and South Cyprus. In his work, Prof Dr Ali Özkul has reviewed the Ottoman Empire’s tax policy in Cyprus during the eighteenth century. He has provided details on the amount and types of taxes applied in Cyprus during the 18th century by the Ottoman Empire. Moreover, his work is said to also include taxes collected in townships in Cyprus. Prof Özkul has exemplified how the Ottomans have applied several methods in an attempt to raise the living standards and the income of people living in Cyprus. Additionally, he has provided information on products produced in Cyprus during those years and the taxes applied to them.
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