Bachelor’s / Associate Degree
Course Registration

After the student has activated their semester, they will be able to see and select their courses. The courses they select will appear on their supervisor’s screen for approval.

Lateral and Vertical Transfer
Lateral Transfer

A lateral transfer is when students transfer from a university program where they are registered until the midterm or the end of the year to a similar program at another university. Just as a lateral transfer can be conducted between universities, it can also take place within the university.

There are two systems for lateral transfer. These are: lateral transfer with a central score and lateral transfer according to the general point average.

Students who apply for lateral transfer must be already registered to a bachelor’s diploma program at a university.

For lateral transfer with central scores:

  • The scores you receive in the ÖSYM exam in the year you are enrolled in the university must be higher than the student with the lowest score in the department of the university you want to transfer to that year. For example, if a student enrolled in the Business Administration (score type TM1) program has an MF4 score from the central placement score which is equal to or higher than the base score of the Civil Engineering program that they want to transfer to, they can transfer within the framework of the application principles. If the student is not accepted to the diploma program to which they want to transfer in the year they registered, they cannot transfer because their base score has not been formed. Students can do a lateral transfer with their central scores in all classes including prep school, other classes and the last year.
  • A student can apply for a lateral transfer after they have completed their first academic semester at the earliest.
  • The quota that will open up for lateral transfer is 30% of the quota within the ÖSYM guide.
  • With the central score, it is possible to switch from associate degree to undergraduate, from undergraduate to associate degree, from undergraduate to undergraduate or from associate degree to associate degree.
  • Students registered in special talent departments according to the results of the Special Talent Exam can also apply if they meet these conditions. However, they cannot apply to special talent departments.
  • Students have the right to apply once. If they wish, students can return to the higher education institution that they are entitled to enrol in as a result of the OSYM central placement in the next lateral transfer application period.

For lateral transfer with the Grade Point Average;
Among the equivalent diploma programs at the same level and within the framework of the quota published by the Council of Higher Education, the GPA of the semesters that the students are enrolled in must be at least 60 out of 100. They can apply in the second and third years of four-year departments, in the second, third and fourth year of five-year departments, and in the second, third, fourth and fifth years of six-year departments.

  • In addition to the Grade Point Average determined for the relevant departments, those who apply for a transfer according to their GPA must pass a threshold of 170 for the 2020-2021 academic year for undergraduate programs and 150 for associate degree programs. Applications can be made from undergraduate to undergraduate, and from associate degree to associate degree.
  • The second condition is that the score that the student obtains from the ÖSYM in the year that they register at the university must be higher than the student who registered in Turkey with the lowest score.
  • For a student to be able to do a lateral transfer according to their Grade Point Average, they must have completed at least 2 academic semesters in their department.
  • The departments that can be applied to must be equivalent to at least 80% of the department that they are studying.
  • Transfer with Grade Point Averages: Transfers cannot be made in the first and last semesters of associate degree programs, the first two semesters of undergraduate diploma programs and the last two semesters of undergraduate diploma programs. Applications with Grade Point Average cannot be made in the prep school.
  • The quotas are declared every year by the University Senate. The minimum limit for quotas: With the ÖSYM exam, a quota of 2 students is opened for programs with a maximum entry quota of 50 students, 3 for programs with 51-100, and 4 students for programs with 101 and above.
  • Those who want to move from secondary education to formal education must be in the top 10% of their classes.
  • It is not possible to transfer from distance education and open education according to the GPA.

Lateral Transfer Within the Institution
This is a lateral transfer to an equivalent diploma program within the faculty, college, conservatory or vocational school or within the same university, according to the quota determined by the relevant administrative board.

If the student wants to move to a department that accepts students at the same level but with a different central placement score, the diploma programs of other universities in the country equivalent to the diploma program they want to transfer to should not be less than the lowest base score.

In order to be able to apply for a lateral transfer between diploma programs that accept students with the same score type, the central placement score of the student which is a valid score for the diploma program they want to transfer to as of the year they took the central exam must be determined based on the requirement that it is no lower than the base score of the other universities with an equivalent program; however, the criteria for evaluating the lateral transfer applications and the minimum requirements will be determined by the University Senate according to the aforementioned criteria.

Transfers from Abroad:

  • Must be from a university recognized by YÖK.
  • For those who registered abroad in 2015 and before, an ÖSYM certificate of the relevant year, at least 180 points of the relevant type for undergraduate programs, 150 points for associate degree programs, or one of the other exam result documents accepted by YÖK such as SAT, ACT, Baccalaureate, Abitur (they can apply with the condition that they are taken in the same year) are required for registration.
  • Persons who have registered abroad in 2016 and apply with an OSYM certificate are required to meet the success ranking requirement in the departments that have the success ranking condition (for example, Medicine 40,000, Law 150,000) in addition to the above documents. Students who apply only with SAT, ACT, or Baccalaureate are not required to have a success ranking.
  • Those who have registered abroad in 2017 and later can only apply with a successful ranking and base score from the ÖSYM.
  • An entry-exit document from the Turkish police (compulsory to be abroad for at least 120 days).
  • Transcript approved by the Turkish consulate and Notary and translated into Turkish.
  • Those whose universities are in the top 1000 rankings due to the 2020 global Covid-19 pandemic (Academic Ranking of World University, GAS World University Rankings, Times Higher Education World University Rankings), who have gone to prep school and those who are in their final year can apply.
Vertical Transfer

Vertical transfer associate degree students can continue their education by transferring to the four-year undergraduate programs of Near East University or other universities.

When placing students in an Undergraduate Program with the Vertical Transfer Exam (DGS) organized by the OSYM, both the score obtained from the exam and the overall Grade Point Average are taken into account. Students who have the right to start their undergraduate education can be exempted from the courses that are equivalent to those they took in their associate degree. The program registration is conducted according to the courses that must be taken.

Click here for the DGS 2020-2021 Additional Quota Table.

Double Major Program
What is a Double Major Program?

Near East University offers its students, who continue their education in associate and undergraduate programs, the opportunity to receive a second diploma in another field in addition to their own undergraduate programs with a double major program.

A double major is a program selected by students and employees who want to continue their professional and individual development with different undergraduate programs or who are not satisfied with the department they graduated from.

This allows students who continue to attend an undergraduate program to obtain a second undergraduate diploma in another department within the same faculty or in any department they want, if they meet certain conditions.

Advantages of the Double Major Program

Double Major Application and Acceptance Requirements

Applications to Double Major, Secondary or Minor Programs are made to the Rectorate with the application form on the date determined by the University Senate.

It is not possible to enrol in more than one Double Major Secondary Program or Minor Program or both a Double Major Secondary Program and Minor Program at the same time.

Students can enter the Double Major undergraduate program at the beginning of the third semester at the earliest, at the beginning of the fifth semester in the four-year programs, at the beginning of the seventh semester in the five-year programs, at the beginning of the ninth semester in the six-year programs, and at the beginning of the second semester in the major associate degree program at the latest. In order for a student to apply for a Double Major program, they must have taken and succeeded in all the courses in the Major undergraduate program until the application period, must have a GPA of at least 2.30 at the time of application, and must be in the top 20% of the Major program in the relevant class. Admission to these programs takes place with the approval of the relevant departments and the decision of the relevant boards.

The Double Major Secondary Program or Minor Program is carried out under the supervision of the Double Major Program (DMP) Coordinator appointed by the Head of the Department to assist students in determining the courses in the programs and planning the semesters they will be taking, and to ensure that the program is carried out in accordance with its purpose.


The information of the students who have graduated is sent to the graduation centre and diploma printing department by the Student Affairs Office. The graduation centre prepares the transcript by checking the student's courses and credits. The diploma printing department prints the diplomas of the students whose transcripts are ready and delivers them to the graduation centre. The Student Affairs Office receives the diplomas from the graduation centre and sends them to the TRNC Ministry of National Education and Culture who then send it to the Turkish Embassy for approval.

Residency and Travel Procedures

The information of students who are active in their semester is reported to the immigration office via YÖKASIS. The student begins the resident permit application by logging into the residency web site and carrying out the necessary procedures.

Military Deferment

Turkish military service deferral procedures of undergraduate and associate degree students are made online through YÖKSİS. If necessary, a military service deferral certificate is prepared for the student. The student then sends their documents to the military service branch to which they are affiliated via the Embassy.

For TRNC students, an active student list is prepared twice a year and submitted to the Ministry of National Education and Culture and Military Headquarters.

Diploma Attachment

Diploma supplement documents are prepared and submitted to the student by the Student Affairs Department upon the request of the student.