Course Registration

After their semester has been activated, the student can see the courses they can take and select their courses. The courses they select appear on their supervisor’s screen and the supervisor approves them.


The information of the students who have graduated is sent to the graduation centre and diploma printing department by the Student Affairs Office. The graduation centre prepares the transcript by checking the student's courses and credits. The diploma printing department prints the diplomas of the students whose transcripts are ready and delivers them to the graduation centre. The Student Affairs Office receives the diplomas from the graduation centre and sends them to the TRNC Ministry of National Education and Culture who then send it to the Turkish Embassy for approval.

Residency and Travel Procedures

The information of students who are active in their semester is reported to the immigration office via YÖKASIS. The student begins the resident permit application by logging in to the residency web site and carrying out the necessary procedures.

Military Deferment

Turkish military service deferral procedures of undergraduate and associate degree students are made online through YÖKSİS. If necessary, a military service deferral certificate is prepared for the student. The student then sends their documents to the military service branch to which they are affiliated via the Embassy.

For TRNC students, an active student list is prepared twice a year and submitted to the Ministry of National Education and Culture and Military Headquarters.

Diploma Attachment

Diploma supplement documents are prepared and submitted to the student by the Student Affairs Department upon the request of the student.