Registration and Administration

The Student Affairs Admission Office and Student Accounting Units are responsible for keeping the records of the students from the first registration to graduation, informing them about the payment processes, guiding the students within the framework of the relevant regulations and managing the student documentation processes.

Registration and admission procedures (pre-registration, final registration, course registration, etc.), student document transactions (student certificate, transcript, etc.), lateral transfer procedures, immigration procedures, military service postponement, registration deletion/dismissal, academic leave procedures, student ID card application, student petition acceptance, YÖKSİS transactions (e-government) for Turkish citizens, KKTC-YÖKAS transactions (higher education registration system), student information system update procedures, student affairs official correspondence, student announcements and graduation procedures (Graduation Certificate / Diploma / Graduate Transcript Document etc.) are conducted by our Student Affairs Admission Office.

Our Student Affairs Accounting unit carries out: student fee procedures (education fee, social activity, internship, stamp, transcript fees, etc.), payment method options (in cash or in instalments), determination of student status (active, passive student, etc.), semester registration procedures, graduate and doctorate course approval, midterm / final / make-up exam entry document approval and evaluation of accounting petitions.

Our work hours (*):
Monday – Friday 08:00 – 16:30
We are closed on national holidays.