Dormitory Advantages

The fact that all our dormitories are located on campus helps our students to adapt better and quicker and helps them feel like they belong in school.

Care is taken to ensure that our dormitory rooms are always well-maintained and equipped with modern furniture at standards that our students can feel comfortable with. Special care is taken to ensure that the living spaces of our students in the dormitories are cleaned regularly by expert personnel, and necessary arrangements are made to ensure perfect hygiene at all times.

All our staff in all our dormitories provide a peaceful and safe environment for our students 24/7 and work to maintain this order.

Our dormitory buildings are close to study areas, faculties and the Grand Library, making it easier for our students to access academic facilities. At the same time, the fact that our dormitories are within walking distance of all social and sports venues offers students easily accessible social opportunities.

Our dormitory environments, where the joys of living together are learned, sharing and cooperation practices are developed, and valuable friendships are established, allows our students to live within the framework of love, respect, tolerance and in the warmth of a family.