What We Offer
Emergency Situations

Our 24-hour emergency intervention team can be reached from the internal extension 256 in situations related to health, safety and fire.


The campus is under the control and supervision of experienced security personnel 24 hours per day.


The general cleaning of all our dormitories is conducted by our cleaning personnel according to health and hygiene rules.

Food and Drink Facilities

Cafeteria services are provided at our dormitories until 00:00 every day. There are food and drink vending machines in some of our dormitories. There are also many restaurants, cafeterias, fast-food, bakeries etc. that provide food and drink services.


All dormitories have kitchens. These kitchens contain dinner tables and chairs, kitchen counters, kitchen cupboards and an electrical burner for the communal use of all our students.

Room Bedding

All students staying in our dormitories are provided a bed and a mattress protector; however, all additional bedding (such as duvet cover, blanket etc.) must be obtained by the students.

Furniture and Equipment

There is a bunkbed/bed, desk, book shelf, wardrobe, chair, fridge, television and television device in each room according to the dormitory standards.


Travel between our dormitories and the Nicosia City Centre is provided by our scheduled private bus vehicles. Our buses are free for all our students.

Maintenance and Repair

Our maintenance-repair teams are constantly on duty to solve any technical matters such as electricity, electronics, plumbing, construction and carpentry.

Health Services

We have a health centre to meet the emergency health services of our students. Additionally, health services can be obtained from the Near East University Hospital, which provides services with its experienced staff 24 hours a day, seven days a week on our campus.

Psychological Counselling and Guidance Services

The Psychological Counselling and Research Centre at the Law Faculty provides free services for all of our students.

Drawing Rooms and Workshops

There are study rooms and drawing tables in all of our dormitories.

Electrical Device Usage

For security reasons, it is not allowed to use overloaded electrical devices such as stoves, radiators, heaters, microwaves, ovens, air conditioners, and halogen lighting in the student rooms of our dormitories.


The UTB cable network connection is standard in our dormitory rooms. Our students can connect to the 100 megabytes Near East network and use free internet for academic purposes.


The inside areas of our dormitories are heated with central heating.

There are laundry rooms in all our dormitories. There is also dry-cleaning service provided within the campus (below the Guest House).

Shopping Facilities

Our university provides shopping services in order to meet the students’ needs in the best way possible.


We have parking available around our dormitories.

Post-Package Services

There is a branch of the postal administration on our campus, and it provides services to meet the postal and package needs of our students. Delivery of packages and mail is provided for our students.

Sports Facilities

We have sports facilities on our campus from which our students can benefit (Sport Tower, indoor swimming pool, basketball, volleyball, tennis court, football pitch, Health and Conditioning Centre)

Telephone Services

An internal telephone service is provided in our dormitory rooms according to their status, as well as payphone services in some of our dormitory entrances and the Atatürk Culture Congress Centre and Library building. Our students can be reached directly via the telephones in the rooms. (Example 0392-680-2020, room number and dorm number are included.)


The Near East Bank branch, Ziraat Bank, İş Bankası branches and ATMS are available for our students on our campus.