Dormitory Regulations

Article 1.
Near East University Student Dormitories are managed, operated and supervised in accordance with this regulation.

Article 2.
The purpose of this regulation is to help the social and cultural development of the Near East University students in the Near East University Dormitories, and to determine the procedures and principles in order to provide them with a healthy, clean and peaceful accommodation as much as possible.

Governing Bodies:
Article 3.
The General Services and Dormitories Board of Directors consists of a president and four members who are appointed by the University Board of Trustees. The Board convenes with the absolute majority of the total number of members upon the request of the Chairman of the Board of Directors or upon the suggestion of the members.

The General Services and Dormitories Board of Directors takes decisions regarding the general management, development and arrangement of the Dormitories. It determines the general rules and principles to be applied in the dormitories, examines and decides on the objections and suggestions submitted to the board, and performs other duties stipulated in this regulation.

Members of the General Services and Dormitories Board of Directors are appointed for a period of one year. This period is extended if necessary.

Article 4.
The General Services and Dormitories General Manager ensures that the Dormitories affiliated to him are operated in a coordinated manner within the same procedures and principles, resolves the problems related to the dormitories or conveys them to the General Services and Dormitories Board of Directors. Implements the decisions of the Dormitories Board of Directors. Performs other duties specified in this Regulation.

Article 5.
Dormitory Managers take the necessary measures for the regular and clean operation of the Student Dormitories and the realization of the purpose stated in the second article. When necessary, it reports its recommendations to the Directorate of General Services and Dormitories. It performs other duties within the framework of this regulation and that are assigned by the Directorate of General Services and Dormitories regarding general administration.

Admission to and Staying in Dormitories

Article 6.
Those who want to stay in the dormitories must be Near East University students. Registration in the dormitories takes place according to the methods determined by the General Services and Dormitories Board of Directors and approved by the Rectorate. Students are required to apply to the registration office within the Directorate of General Services and Dormitories, or to the NEU Representatives and offices abroad, within the specified period for registration.

Article 7.
Students who wish to register for the dormitories must apply to the Directorate of General Services and Dormitories registration office or the NEU representative offices within the period specified according to the fees determined by the Board of Dormitories and approved by the Rector's Office, and complete their registration for the Fall, Spring and Summer terms.

Article 8.
If the information given by the students to enter the dormitory and the information obtained in the research results do not match, the General Services and Dormitories Administrative Board examines the matter and the students who are deemed to have given incorrect information are not admitted to the dormitory, and if already admitted, they are expelled from the dormitory.

Article 9.
Students whose families live abroad have priority when registering for the dormitories.

Article 10.
The registration of students who are registered at the dormitories must be renewed each semester. Students who do not renew their registration are dismissed.

Article 11.
The conditions and fees for students staying in dormitories during summer and semester breaks are determined by the Board of Directors, taking into account the Academic Calendar. Room changes of students during semester breaks are at the discretion of the Directorate of General Services and Dormitories.

Article 12.
Conditions for students and guests who are not registered in the dormitory to participate in activities such as festivals, sports, seminars, internships, etc., are determined by the Board of Directors.

Article 13.
Registrations to the dormitories are made in advance for one or two semesters. 25% of the dormitory fee is taken in advance for the reservation. The reservation fee will not be refunded to those who do not register.

Article 14.
Students who have completed their undergraduate and graduate studies must leave the dormitory within one week at the latest.

Article 15.
Students who have permission to be away from the university for a semester cannot stay at the dormitories during this time.

Article 16.
Registrations for Near East University Dormitories are made through the online registration system from the Directorate of General Services and Dormitories Dormitory Registration Offices and Foreign Representatives.

Discipline Procedures and Their Applications:

Article 17.
Students staying in the dormitories are obliged to act with dignity befitting a student inside and outside the dormitory and to refrain from any behaviour unbecoming of a student. Disciplinary penalties to be given to students who act in violation and the actions and situations that require each disciplinary penalty are as follows.

A-Warning Punishment:
It is when the student is given a written warning for their behaviour within the dormitory.

B-Condemnation Punishment:
It is a written notification to the student that he/she is found to be defective in his/her behaviour in the dormitory.

C-Temporary Removal from Dormitory:
It is a written notification that the student has been temporarily removed from the dormitory.

D-Definite Removal from Dormitory:
It is a written notification that the student is permanently removed from the dormitory. Students who receive this penalty will not be admitted to the dormitories again.

A-Warning Punishment:
a-Accepting visitors outside of the designated places and times,

b- Making noise or speaking loudly in a way that disturbs others,

c- Keeping your bed and personal belongings untidy in a way that will disturb others, walking around in the administrative section in pyjamas,

d- Not paying attention to the order and cleanliness of the fixtures of the dormitory.

e-Placing a notice in places other than the places determined by the dormitory director in the dormitory,

f- Arriving late to the dormitory,

g- Keeping foods that can easily spoil and smell in dormitory rooms,

h- Hanging anything on the dormitory buildings that can be seen from the outside.

B-Condemnation Punishment:
a- Spending the night outside the dormitory without permission,

b- Having gambling equipment and devices in the dormitory and playing all kinds of games with this equipment,

c- Selling for commercial purposes in the dormitories,

d- Giving information or acting to mislead the dormitory administration,

e- Failure to comply with the rules specified and announced by the Dormitory Board of Directors,

f- Talking on the phone of the dormitory administration without permission,

g-Using someone else's property without permission,

h- Obstructing the procedures related to disciplinary monitoring and investigation,

i-Writing or hanging obscene pictures in any part of the dormitory buildings,

j-Receiving two warnings. (In this case, a reprimand is given instead of a second warning)

C- Temporary Removal from Dormitory:
a- Behaving in a humiliating way, using humiliating speech, swearing, intimidating, attacking or beating one's friends or others in the dormitories,

b- Providing accommodation for other people or students other than the students registered in the dormitories, or assisting in this regard, (the current fee for the period of stay of the person hosted in the dormitory is paid separately to the provider/suppliers.)

c- Taking the dormitory's belongings out of the dormitory, damaging the dormitory furniture or equipment (damages will be paid separately). Possessing or using a heating device in the rooms to make food, tea etc.

d- Bringing and possessing alcoholic beverages to the dormitories, coming drunk or drinking alcohol in the dormitories,

e- Not complying with the demands of the Dormitory Managers, avoiding receiving invitation letters

f- Organizing or participating in all kinds of meetings in the dormitory without obtaining permission from the authorities,

g-Being suspended from the university (those in this situation will not be admitted to the dormitories within the same period),

h- Tearing off, tearing, change, writing on, painting or distorting the announcements that the dormitory administration has hung or allowed to be hung,

i- Threatening, intimidating, or using verbal or written insults against dormitory administrators, officials or other service personnel, against their honour and dignity or person,

j- Posting, writing and scribbling anywhere in the Dormitory buildings.

k- Receiving two reprimands (In this case, a temporary expulsion from the dormitory is given instead of a second reprimand)

D- Definite Removal from Dormitory:

a-Theft or fraud in dormitories

b- Possession, carrying or use of weapons, explosives, flammable, injurious devices, which are criminalized by law,

c- Without obtaining permission from the authorities and in violation of the law, organizing all kinds of demonstrations, participating in demonstrations or boycotts against any of the University or Dormitory Managers and Administrators or protesting a decision of the administration, inciting students in this regard,

d-Using the dormitory's buildings and facilities for anything other than their intended purpose and engaging in acts that obstruct dormitory services,

e- Engaging in or participating in activities that benefit illegal organizations in any form whatsoever in the Dormitory,

f- Possession or use of drugs in dormitories,

g-Being sentenced to a definite prison sentence or being suspended from the University for 3 months or more,

h- Students who commit a crime to be temporarily expelled from the dormitory for the second time are given a definitive expulsion penalty.

I-Physically attacking dormitory administrators, officials or other service personnel.

j- Behaviour that does not comply with the moral rules, customs and traditions of the society.

Application of Punishments

Article 18.
In determining the disciplinary penalty, committing more than one crime that requires the same penalty or encouraging others to commit a collective crime are considered aggravating factors. The punishment of the student who receives the same punishment for the second time will be increased.

Those who force or encourage others to commit the offence specified in this regulation are also punished with the same punishment given to those who commit the offence.

Article 19.
Students who are punished by definite removal from the dormitory can re-apply to the dormitory after one year at the earliest. The application will be evaluated and decided upon by the Dormitory Management Board.

Article 20.
Warning and reprimand penalties: removal penalties by the Dormitory Manager and Administrators are decided by the Dormitories Disciplinary Board, which consists of the dormitory managers to be determined by the General Services and Dormitories Executive Board, and an academic member under the Presidency of the General Services and Dormitories General Directorate. Temporary and final dismissal decisions for more than thirty days become final with the approval of the General Services and Dormitories Board of Directors.

Every penalty the student receives is recorded in his/her file. Penalties other than warnings are notified in writing to the student, his/her family and the Registrar's Office.

Article 21.
For the enforcement of the removal decision, the condition of notifying the family is not required. However, the General Services and Dormitories Administrative Board decides whether the student whose registration will be cancelled from the dormitory will be granted time or not.

Article 22.
The student may appeal to a higher authority within seven days following the notification of the disciplinary penalty. The objection does not stop the application. Objection to the decision of the Dormitories Disciplinary Board is made to the General Services and Dormitories Board of Directors.

Article 23.
In cases where there is no provision in this regulation, the provisions of the “Near East University Student Disciplinary Regulation” are applied.

Dormitory Fees and Deposits

Article 24.
The amount of the dormitory fees and deposits, as well as the payment method and duration, are determined by the General Services and Dormitories Board of Directors and are finalized with the approval of the Rectorate.

Article 25.
A student must pay the dormitory fee in cases where his/her registration is cancelled but his/her place in the dormitory is reserved, such as through leave, report or temporary dismissal.

Dormitory fees continue to be collected from students registered in the dormitories during the semester break.

During the summer months, fees are only charged for students and guests staying in the dormitory.

This fee is determined by the General Services and Dormitories Board of Directors.

Article 26.
The registration of a student who has not come to the dormitory without an excuse for more than fifteen days will be cancelled for the semester for which they are registered.

Article 27.
Students who leave the dormitory without notifying the dormitory management or who do not return for the registration renewal must pay the dormitory fees until the registration end day.

Article 28.
The method and regulations of refunds given to students who have cancelled their registrations are decided upon by the General Services and Dormitory Management Board.

Article 29.
The deposits of students who do not pay their dormitory fee or who have debt due to damaging the furniture are not returned, their dormitory registrations are not renewed, and in both situations, the student is not given a termination document.

Article 30.
Students who leave the dormitory after registration will definitely not be refunded or their money transferred to another account. They must bring the deposit invoice for a deposit refund.

Article 31.
Students must pay for any damage they have caused in the dormitory according to the current value of that item of furniture.

Various Claims

Article 32.
A student staying at the dormitory is responsible for their own furniture and valuables that they have received from the dormitory management.

Article 33.
The university does not have responsibility for valuables that are not given to the dormitory management.

Article 34.
The belongings of students staying in the dormitory can be checked by the dormitory manager and administrators when necessary. The situation is determined by a report. The goods brought to the dormitory, taken from the dormitory or delivered to the depository can be checked by the officials. The custody period of the goods delivered to the storage warehouse is limited to the period determined by the Dormitory Manager.

Article 35.
The rector can close the Dormitories upon the recommendation of the General Services and Dormitories Administrative Board in extraordinary situations.

Article 36.
The University Administrative Board may terminate the student's relationship with the dormitory based on a reasoned decision or prohibit them from being admitted to the dormitory, if it is deemed that they are not suitable for staying in the dormitories.

Article 37.
The General Services and Dormitories Administrative Board decides whether students who have been convicted of any crimes or who have been brought to administrative-judicial proceedings, excluding negligent crimes, even if they have been pardoned, will be admitted to the dormitories or whether they will be allowed to stay in the dormitory.

Article 38.
The terms and conditions of staying in the dormitories for newly enrolled students and their parents during the registration period are determined by the General Services and Dormitories Board of Directors.

Article 39.
This regulation is carried out by the Near East University Rector.

Article 40.
The NEU Dormitory Regulation will be put into effect as soon as it is printed and the old one becomes obsolete.

Article 41.
One copy of this regulation is given to the student during registration. The Dormitory regulation is made up of 41 articles and its attachment contains the Student Dormitory Agreement.