Human Resources Directorate

The Human Resources department, which specializes in attracting, protecting and developing high-quality human resources in line with the goals and strategies of Near East University, contributes to the leading role of the university in the field of education and research by making a difference with its knowledge, experience and creativity in all these processes.

At Near East University

  • We know that we are part of a large group and act accordingly,
  • We believe in teamwork,
  • We act with a sense of responsibility in everything we do,
  • We aim to develop ourselves and our team,
  • We see our differences as an opportunity and we adapt,
  • We engage in solution management and focus on results.

Employment Process
Based on the Near East Group rules and policies, it conducts analyses and studies to place the right candidates in the right positions.

The Human Resources team is the strategic business partner of all academic and administrative units.

The recruitment process begins with the collection of applications for job postings, with the determination of the required qualifications, in line with the requests from the relevant faculties/departments.

First of all, among the applications that are approved by the Human Resources and the relevant department manager/dean, those who are found to be suitable for the job description and qualifications sought are invited to an interview by the Human Resources Department.

After the meetings with the Human Resources and Recruitment Committee, the Human Resources department conducts an offer interview with the candidates who are deemed to be suitable.

For your applications; [email protected]

Education and Development
As Human Resources; In line with institutional, functional and individual needs, all our administrative staff are provided with learning and development opportunities to support their behavioural and professional development.

Tel: +90 (392) 223-5092, 122