About Us

Near East University is the most comprehensive and equipped education institution in Cyprus, which raises individuals that are beneficial for its country, moves forward with secure steps, has 20 faculties, 6 institutes, 5 colleges, 32 research centres, 196 undergraduate, 240 graduate and doctorate programs and over 28,000 students from 143 different countries.

Near East University, which carries an international identity with its education facilities and strong team of academic staff, has a deeply rooted education culture. It has taken its position as an education, science and culture centre since 1988. Near East University operates under an international and multicultural identity with its highly competent teaching staff in addition to its world standard education and infrastructure. Near East University, which projects the identity of the greatest science and culture centre in the Mediterranean, has the principle of educating individuals who are self-confident, responsible, smart, creative, researchers and are free thinking.

One of the most important visions of the university is not only to prepare the students for the best future, but to also provide them with an education that they will remember throughout their lives. A good university life is one of the most important factors affecting success.  By developing research, products, patents, product industrialisation and trademarks, Near East University follows a 4th generation university approach with its education and research vision and actively contributes by not only producing products, but also adding industrial value to them. It attaches great importance to research within the framework of its mission to construct, conduct, manage and support research that will increase the production of high-quality science in order to raise the quality of life of all living creatures on the Earth both locally and globally and to enhance sustainability.

One of the primary factors driving our University is that it uses its accumulated education and research knowledge and energy to contribute to economic, social, psychological and cultural development on a national and global level with the knowledge that it is indebted to the land from which it draws its strength and life.  Our Hospital, Dentistry Hospital and Animal Hospital, which are the first of their kind and the most fully equipped in our country, are examples that best describe this change.

Our university is building its future by integrating operability and utilitarianism with innovation.  The Robot Football Team, RA25-RA27 Solar Powered Cars, Electric Car GÜNSEL, respirator device, Near East University Development Zone NERITA, green energy and biotechnology projects, artificial blood vessels and ear studies and wearable health technology projects, and the Supercomputer, which supports the "God Particle" research of CERN, the European Organisation for Nuclear Research, are all examples of projects implemented by our University that are results of this approach.

Near East University, which is a full member of the European Universities Association (EUA), International Association of Universities (IAU) created under the auspices of UNESCO, and Federation of the Universities of the Islamic World (FUIW), is comparable to the most prestigious universities in the world. It is a university with a dynamic and lively campus similar to successful examples around the world. At Near East University, where life is always colourful, all academic, social and cultural opportunities are offered in a contemporary campus environment. The University provides a comprehensive and integrated approach to students and offers them a rich academic life with its variety of academic departments, Near East University Hospital, Dental Hospital, Animal Hospital, laboratories, research centres, workshops, Supercomputer, cultural centres, Grand Library, dormitories, Olympic swimming pool, Sports Tower and other social and sports facilities.

The Cyprus Modern Arts Museum, Cyprus Car Museum, Communications Museum, Herbarium Museum and Maritime History Museum at Near East University are firsts in the TRNC and each one of them is a culturally unique attraction. Every structure within the campus has a world class architectural design with cultural and social values.  Near East University, which aims to achieve the best for its country and people with its pioneering activities and principles in Cyprus, continues to contribute to the whole world and humanity and makes a difference with its contributions in every field.

With its international standard infrastructure, medical team, laboratories, medical imaging and diagnosis centre, and operation theatres, Near East University Hospital has become an institution that removes the dependence of the TRNC on other countries in the field of health, and provides services in accordance with patient needs and expectations, while also contributing to the development of well-equipped scientists in the field of medicine.

All of this demonstrates the leadership role that Near East University has assumed in contributing to TRNC science and people. Near East University, which is moving to the future with secure steps, aims to share its knowledge with the community and internationally, and to take the history and experience of Near East to a global dimension.