Rector’s Message

Dear members of the Near East family, our focus point as a fourth generation university is to provide an atmosphere that encourages intellectual curiosity and creativity with dynamic, innovative and collaborative values. We value diversity and inclusion and know that we can only overcome the challenges of our time through different experiences and views. Furthermore, we believe that it is vitally important for the development of our university and science for scientists from different specialist backgrounds to adopt a multidisciplinary approach through the collaboration of their experiences.

Our objective to become a leading voice through scientific discovery and technological advancement continues. We are focused on developing our research skills and accessing a wider community. Our efforts to develop based on knowledge and have a positive influence on our society is seen as a legacy. Transforming knowledge and science into innovations, projects and products that will serve the benefit of society and humanity will continue to guide us as one of our most important principles.

We are determined to tackle all global problems from climate change to social inequality. Making a direct positive impact and benefiting the society through our research initiatives and programs are among our main goals. Universities need to develop innovative approaches according to the needs of the society rather than just individual progress. In this way, the value of the information will increase even more. We are aware of the necessity of ensuring the continuity of education and science by creating conditions suitable for the needs of students, faculty members and administrative personnel, who are the main components of the university, in unexpected extraordinary situations such as epidemics and natural disasters. It is important to state that we are always open to discussing new ideas in order to transform science into production and to collaborate for development and progress. Due to this, it is our duty to provide quality education and suitable collaboration in a peaceful environment. We will prioritise the health and safety of our country and continue to apply public health principles and the most recent applications. We are proud of our perfection tradition in education and research together with our rich history.

We believe in the healing and transformative power of art. While continuing to enrich our museums on the campus, with the exhibitions we open, we will continue to make art an indispensable part of campus life as the driving force of progress and creativity.

Dear students, while continuing our mission to provide quality education and research, I am certain that regardless of the difficulties we face, we will continue to develop together and achieve great things. I recommend you that that you recognise your value, know that you deserve the best of everything and achieve success with respect, love and unity. While I advise you to take advantage of all the opportunities offered on this path, I would like to emphasize that you can only achieve success by working and understanding the value of your work.

You should have no doubt that we will provide you all the necessary opportunities to prepare you, as a member of the Near East Family, for the future in the best way possible. We are a big family with students from many parts of the world. It will give us immense pride to see you succeed in the future.

In accordance with our aim of being ranked among the best global universities, I want to inform you that we will do what is necessary to raise students who will shape the future with our academicians, managers and administrators.

Our continuing success is the result of the hard work of our lecturers, management personnel and students. I would particularly like to note that our previous learning has prepared us to take on the future. By building a bright and successful future together, we will raise our societies to the highest level together with our significant efforts.

With my most heartfelt love and respect…

Prof. Dr. Tamer ŞANLIDAĞ