TUBITAK approval for the University of Kyrenia

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Added On: 21 October 2015, Wednesday, 15:16
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TUBITAK approval for the University of Kyrenia

The University of Kyrenia will conduct a wide range research on the changes in the marine ecosystem with the latest technological profiling device.

Carried out by the University of Kyrenia with a budget of 360,000 TRY, the project on “Determination of impacts of anthropogenic and natural changes in Cilicia Basin (Turkey and North Cyprus domain)” has received the approval of TUBITAK. Within the frame of the project, comprehensive marine measurements have been launched.

According to the press release issued by the Directorate of Press and Public Relations Office of the University of Kyrenia, within the scope of the project, contemporary devices of the latest technology are used to collect samples from the sea surface to the seabed in order to provide accurate and reliable data concerning the sea water quality in costal and offshore waters between TRNC and Southern Turkey. Manufactured by SBE (Sea- Bird Electronics) of the US, SeaCAT Profiler CTD is one of these most significant devices that proven to provide reliable, real-time marine water data and ease-of-use for a wide range of research and monitoring applications. SeaCAT Profiler CTD measures conductivity, temperature, depth and pressure with high accuracy, resolution and reliability. The CTD data can be used to calculate salinity, density, sound velocity, and other parameters of sea water.

TUBITAK approval for the University of Kyrenia

CTD provides real time and reliable data collection by measuring physical, chemical and biological variants with great sensitivity

SeaCat Profiler CTD measures water parameters with great sensitivity as it is lowered from the sea surface towards the seabed to take reliable and real time measurements of physical, chemical and biological variants. Equipped with this high-tech Conductivity-Temperature-Depth (CTD) system, the University of Kyrenia has launched research in coastal and offshore waters to provide real time and reliable data collection by measuring the physical, chemical and biological variants such as salinity, temperature, depth, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, PH, as well as continuous fluorescence measurements of the oil pollution. The device with a measuring capacity up to 3,400 meter depth provides the scientists involved in the project with great ease in their studies on determination of the impacts of human and natural induced changes on marine ecosystem in Cilicia Basin that located between TRNC and southern coasts of Turkey.

Support provided by TUBITAK for the project of the University of Kyrenia is significant…

Prof. Dr. İlkay Salihoğlu, who executes the project on behalf of the University of Kyrenia, stated that they aimed to collect the most accurate data regarding the sea water quality by using the latest technological measurement and profiling devices within the scope of the significant scientific project that assisted by TUBITAK with a large budget. Underlining the crucial role of the rapid developments in the field of tourism, shipping and fishery in the region, Prof. Dr. İlkay Salihoğlu noted that the geopolitical importance of the Cilicia Basin located between TRNC and Turkey had increased in the line with affecting factors. He also underlined that human induced factors including construction and other urbanizing activities had negative impacts on sea water quality and on the regional ecosystem adding that the issue should be assessed scientifically. “Lately, there have been significant developments in the region which is the topic of our project. Bringing water through pipeline from Turkey to North Cyprus, the probability of bringing electric power through pipeline crossing the same route from Turkey to North Cyprus, the increasing number of marinas and similar facilities on the coasts of TRNC and Southern Turkey, are very crucial factors that increase the geopolitical importance of the region. Therefore, it is a requirement to know the quality of sea water and oceanographic parameters of this region well. The use of our seas in the most efficient way, the marine ecosystem conservation, and accurate, reliable and real time data that collected at regular intervals are the indispensable integrals of a whole to address the requirements in the right manner. Cilicia Basin between Cyprus and southern Turkey has a great geopolitical and economic importance for both TRNC and TR. For an effective use of the area by both parties, the oceanography and marine ecosystem dynamics of Cilicia Basin should be understood well. Therefore, there is a need for long-run oceanographic observations in both coastal and offshore waters to define the complex oceanographic structure of the region very well. The project in progress has been designed to address such requirements” said he.