Prof. Dr. Zehra Altınay GAZİ
Senator – Ataturk Faculty of Education

Zehra Altınay gained a master degree in the field of Educational Technology, Distance Education in Educational Sciences. Further to this, she completed PhD degree in Educational Administration and Management at Near East University. Then, she completed another doctorate programme in the field of Educational Technology at Middlesex University. She became a full time lecturer at Near East University. Zehra Altınay is Vice Director, Institute of Educational Sciences. She is also board member of Distance Education Center. Further to this, Prof. Dr. Zehra Altınay is the Director of Societal Research and Development Center. Zehra Altınay has national academic content book published by reputable publishing houses. Further to this, she has international academic content books. In addition, she has articles which were indexed at Social Sciences Index (SSCI), international book chapters and international articles that were indexed at the Educational field indexes (British Education Index, ERIC, Science Direct, Scopus, etc.). She has editorial role in respected journals and she is the reviewer over ten (10) journals. She is the member of E-learning Association, Association of Educational Communication and Technology, Global Universities in Distance Education Association, etc