Prof. Dr. Ümran DAL YILMAZ
Dean - Faculty of Nursing

Assistant Prof. Dr. Ümran DAL was born in Lüleburgaz. She completed her primary and secondary education in Lüleburgaz, high-school education at GATA Vocational School of Health. In 1989, she graduated from Atatürk University, High-school of Nursing. She worked as a nurse at different clinics for 8 years. In 1992, she took master degree on Emergency and Rehabilitation at Gazi University. She completed her master degree in 1994 and doctorate in 2002 at GATA Institute of Medical Sciences, Nursing of Surgical Diseases. In 2004, in America; she attended Johns Hopkins University Hospital for observing Nursing Services and High-School of Nursing for observing Nursing Education, on her return she founded Education Coordinator at GATA Nursing Service. In 2005, she was deputed as assistant professor at Gazi University, High-school of Nursing. In 2006, in America, she served as observed at Kent State University, High-school of Nursing and at various hospitals. She started working at Near East University, Faculty of Health Sciences in 2008. Dal, who has attended, as spokesman, to international and national conferences and symposiums related to her field, has foreign and domestic essays published at various journals, text authorship in books, patient education books and TUBITAK Prize for Abroad Publication Incentive Award.