Near East University Women’s Basketball Team versus Fenerbahçe

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Added On: 19 December 2015, Saturday, 15:40
Last Edited On: 19 December 2015, Saturday, 15:40
Near East University Women’s Basketball Team versus Fenerbahçe

For the 9th week match of Turkish Women’s Basketball Super League (TWBSL), Near East University Women’s Basketball Team will take the court versus Fenerbahçe at Metro Energy Arena at 17:45 on Sunday December 20, 2015.

According to the press release issued by the Directorate of Press and Public Relations Office of Near East University, NEU team coach Alper Durur along with team players Asena Yalçın and Ana Dabovic expressed their views regarding the match.

AlperDurur: “We have concentrated on Fenerbahçe match; we will be in a challenging process then”

NEU Women’s Basketball Team coach Alper Durur stated that they had completed their final preparations prior to Fenerbahçe match. “We will compete with a EuroLeague team Fenerbahçe, one of the most ambitious team of the super league. We know the performances and potentials of players; we are aware of the strength of Fenerbahçe. I think, it will be a high-tempo match for us. During our last two games, we identified our deficiencies and we have prepared for the match by making up these deficiencies. Fenerbahçe is a very hard nut to crack; however, we will fight with all our might to have a voice in the match. We will be in a very challenging process after Fenerbahçe match; we will play a match every three days till the first week of January. The score of these matches will determine our rank in the score table for the first half of super league. Now, we are concentrated to Fenerbahçe match. Then, we will try to complete the following process in the best way”” said he.

Ana Dabovic: “It will be a high-tempo match”

Ana Dabovic, a versatile player of NEU Women’s Basketball Team, indicated that they prepared for a match of high tempo. “Fenerbahçe is the EuroLeague team of TWBSL, a tough opponent. We prepared for this match with the awareness of this. I think, the audience will watch a match to be played with a never downing tempo. We will do our best to win the match” said she.

Asena Yalçın: “We will fight with all our might”

“Fenerbahçe is one of the most assertive teams of the super league. From our previous matches as well as from their match performances, we know their potentials. In the light of these experiences, we prepared for the match in full concentration. I think, it will be an enjoyable match for the audiences because both teams fight in high tempo. Since Fenerbahçe will play home, they have the audience advantage as well. Fenerbahçe is a tough opponent. Therefore, we prepared well and developed some strategies to apply during the game. We want to win; we will fight with all our might” said she.