Near East TV

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Unit of Training and Practice Television of the Near East University started broadcasting right after the establishment of the Faculty of Communication. It is located in the Ataturk Cultural and Congress Center, composed of two studios for television broadcasting, a fully equipped control room and professional lighting system that allows for production and direction. The unit executes broadcasting broadcasts over UHF band 54. channel, and announcements of the university regarding scientific, academic and cultural issues such as seminars or conferences are publicized by this unit.

The establishment of this unit was completed when all the equipment was moved to its new location in the Faculty of Communication, in 2004. The Complex of Communication Faculty is a five storey building , established on an area of 7000 square meters and includes several well-equipped television units, production units, news broadcasting center, laboratories, workshops, conference halls and studios.

Communication Complex
The Unit of Training and Practice Television of NEU serves for around 300 students and provide them with opportunities to put their theoretical knowledge into practice.

The mission of the unit is to provide students with opportunities through which they will be able to put their knowledge into practice, develop self-confidence in their practice and decisions, and equip students with skills and abilities in broadcasting related fields.

The vision of the unit is to prepare qualified students for the media field who have full responsibility, and are accurate, innovative, considerate, attentive, honest, and aware of the principles of their field. The Unit operates bearing the vision in mind that students and staff should be provided with fundamental training and equipment facilities in true-life settings so that they can improve their skills and knowledge, and perform at the universal standards, and if possible, above the contemporary standards required by the TV institutions.