Artificial bladder was created for a British patient through 9 hour lasting surgery at the Near East University Hospital

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Added On: 10 November 2016, Thursday, 21:11
Last Edited On: 10 November 2016, Thursday, 21:11

As a result of gynecological examinations, a tumor of 2cm in size was detected in the bladder of the British patient Lorraine Baker. After the removal of the whole bladder of the patient by specialist surgeons accompanied with an expert team, an artificial bladder (internal reservoir) was created from a section of bowl through continent urinary diversion method.

9 hour lasting critical surgery was performed successfully

Prof. Dr. Ali Ulvi Önder, Head of the Department of Urology: “Urinary Continent Reservoir method is preferred due to its good social adaptation”

Prof. Dr. Ali Ulvi Önder, Head of Urology Department, specialist surgeon Dr. Mehmet Yavuz and his team have realized another first in TRNC by carrying out a successful surgery which is very hard with high complication risks. For creating an internal reservoir for the patient, the urinary continent diversion was preferred as it was the most appropriate method for the patient’s anatomical structure, and other surgical methods were likely to reduce the life quality of the patient.