Activate your imagination for a happy childhood!

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Added On: 11 May 2021, Tuesday, 08:39
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Activate your imagination for a happy childhood!

Child and Adolescent Psychologist Çağla Akarsel emphasizes that children whose imaginations are supported, grow up as self-confident and happy individuals and that children should grow up with art. Akarsel invites all children to participate in the “We Bring Children Together With Art” project organized by Özay Günsel Children’s University.

Activating the rich imagination of every child is one of the keys to a self-confident and happy childhood. Özay Günsel Children’s University General Coordinator and Child and Adolescent Psychologist Çağla Akarsel says that a strong imagination supported by art is indispensable for happy children to turn into happy individuals. The most critical role for this falls to schools and parents!

Saying that parenting is a guiding process that guides the developmental period of children, Çağla Akarsel stated that parents have a great responsibility to create opportunities for children to help them discover themselves by bringing their children together with art. Akarsel said, “In order for parents to raise self-confident and successful children, it is very important that the children are directed to different branches of art where they can discover their talents, reveal themselves and strengthen their friendship relations. However, the child who takes his parents as a role model will try to improve himself by imitating their behavior.”

Art gives children the opportunity to express themselves
One of the most important functions of art is to provide children with opportunities through which they can express themselves. Art activities that touch various fields from music to painting, from drama to dance, from design to fine arts, are activities where children make discoveries using all their senses, get to know themselves and exhibit an internally expressive attitude. Psychologist Çağla Akarsel saying “These activities stimulate unique individual abilities where children can freely express their ideas as they feel.”, also emphasized that children who are integrated with art better observe their environment and blend their experiences with art. While exploring themselves through artistic activities, they develop their planning, making choices, experiencing, editing and entrepreneurship skills.”

Activate your imagination for a happy childhood!

Artistic activities support brain development
Çağla Akarsel stated that the intertwining of children with art also supports the brain development regarding the research skills and emphasizes the importance of introducing children to any branch of art at an early age. Akarsel said that studies show that children who meet with artistic activities such as music, dance, writing and painting at an early age develop better traits such as empathy, sharing, cooperation and cognitive development. Akarsel said, “In adolescence, it is very important for children to meet with art in order to keep children away from the influence of mass media and to support their individual identity development. Art seems to be very beneficial, especially in eliminating mental problems during adolescence.”

We bring children together with art
Saying that Özay Günsel Children’s University attaches great importance to activities that bring children together with art, Child and Adolescent Psychologist Çağla Akarsel has invited all children to participate in the “We Bring Children Together with Art” project. Students in all primary, secondary and high schools in Northern Cyprus can participate in the “We Bring Children Together with Art” project implemented by Özay Günsel Children’s University with the support of the TRNC Ministry of Education. Within the scope of the project, students will write stories, poems and compositions about the works of award-winning painters taking place at the Günsel Art Museum in Nicosia Dereboyu, the Günsel Office Museum on the Near East University Campus and at the Nicosia Walled City Museum.

As in the Özay Günsel Children’s University programs, children will be grouped according to their age as Earth (6-8 years old), Sun (9-11), Galaxy & Universe (12-17). Three works, which are determined by the project pre-jury for each age group, will be delivered to the schools in digital environment, and children will be asked to write stories, poems or compositions using their imaginations. Stories and compositions that pass the preliminary jury review will be evaluated by the grand jury in terms of content, expression and writing rules, and the top three ranking for each age group will be determined.

The deadline for children to send their stories and compositions, which they will write with their imaginations, being influenced by the works of the painters, is 30 May 2021 and their works will be sent via email to [email protected]