NEU Faculty of Architecture was represented at the International Conference on “Problems of Contemporary City”
Date Added: 07 January 2016, 19:13
Last Updated Date:18 December 2020, 11:57

NEU Faculty of Architecture was represented at the 3rd International Conference on "Problems of Contemporary City" that held in Istanbul.

According to the press release issued by the Directorate of Press and Public Relations Office of Near East University, Asst. Prof. Dr. Huriye Gürdallı represented the Near East University at the conference with her presentation on "Gated States in the Walled City Nicosia".Asst. Prof. Dr. Huriye Gürdallı, Head of the Department of Interior Design, presented her study on the first day of the conference. In her presentation, she discussed how the ideological discourses and practices affect the space and how the space affects the ideological decision and applications. Ledra Street's alterations in historical process were discussed as well. The spatial changes in the historical process regarding Ledra Street and Buffer Zone, which is colloquially known as the Green Line and divides Nicosia and houses the gates between two states, constituted the sample of the conceptual study.

The conference provided platform for participants that involved in architecture, urban planning, sociology, history, economics and anthropology to discuss urban transformation with an interdisciplinary perspective. Unplanned urbanization and legalization of unregistered settlements were discussed in depth.

In keynote speeches, it was underlined that unregistered urban structuring was emerged as an academic concept in 1970s and took place in the workforce and poverty reports of ILO. It was noted that the socio-economic policies of the governments empowered the illegal unplanned settlements. It was highlighted that unregistered and unplanned settlements had been defined as an urgent urban problem in Turkey waiting for a solution to transform into more healthy and livable urban areas. The socio-spatial transformation of Ayazma and Sulukule and the spatial transformation of Istanbul by actualizing the projects regarding the construction of the new airport, the third bridge and canal in the line of the discourse of AKP government were sampled by urban plans.

After her presentation, Asst. Prof. Dr. Huriye Gürdallı extended her thanks to Near East University administration for their significant support and to the Deanery of Faculty of Architecture for encouraging the presentation of her scientific study at an international platform.