Near East University Women’s Basketball Team ranks second in EuroCup Top 16

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Added On: 16 December 2016, Friday, 20:07
Last Edited On: 06 December 2019, Friday, 12:24
Near East University Women’s Basketball Team ranks second in EuroCup Top 16

Near East University Pairs With German Team Rutronic Stars Keltern …

Women’s Basketball Team of the Near East University playing in FIBA Women’s Eurocup won all of the 6 matches in Group D and ranked her name second amongst the 16 teams taking part in this group.

Near East University winning out the matches against Olympiacos, Good Angels Kosice and Aluvient Miskolc, became the unbeaten leader of Group D and managed to enter the pair offs of the last 16 matches in the second place with dual averages.

Following the completion of the group matches, the Near East University team paired off with German rival Rutronik Stars Keltern in the fixture where 16 pair offs took place.

The first matches of pair offs will be played on January 19th, and the playoffs will be played on January 26th.

Positions of Teams taking part in Top 16 and Pair Offs

  1. Flammes Carolo Basket, France
  2. Near East University, North Cyprus
  3. Galatasaray, Turkey
  4. Spar Citylift Girona, Spain
  5. Bellona AGU, Turkey
  6. Virtus Eirene Ragusa, Italy
  7. Maccabi Bnot Ashdod, Israel
  8. TTT Riga, Latvia
  9. VBW CEKK Cegled, Hungary
  10. Reyer Venezia, Italy
  11. Basketball Nymburk, Czech Republic
  12. Cavigal Nice Basket, France
  13. TSV 1880 Wasserburg, Germany
  14. PEAC Pecs, Hungary
  15. Rutronik Stars Keltern, Germany
  16. Good Angels Kosice, Slovakia
(1) Flammes Carolo Basket vs (16) Good Angels Kosice
(2)Near East University vs (15) Rutronik Stars Keltern
(3) Galatasaray vs (14) PEAC Pecs
(4) Spar Citylift Girona vs (13) TSV 1880 Wasserburg
(5) Bellona AGU vs (12) Cavigal Nice Basket
(6) Virtus Eirene Ragusa vs (11) Basketball Nymburk
(7) Maccabi Bnot Ashdod vs (10) Reyer Venezia
(8) TTT Riga vs (9) VBW CEKK Cegled

First match with German opponent will be played on January 19th ..

According to a press statement made by the Press and Public Relations Directorate of Near East University, the match between the Near East University and her German opponent will be played on Thursday, January 19, 2016 at Keltern, Speiterlinghalle Sports Hall.

Head coach Zafer Kalaycioglu, who also commented on pairing off with the German team Rutronik Stars Keltern, which entered the Top 16 in the 15th place, expressed that they want to continue the way by providing audience support and defeating the German team on the match which will be played on January 19th.