Near East University welcomes Newcomer Students with Orientation Days

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Added On: 10 September 2019, Tuesday, 11:51
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Near East University welcomes Newcomer Students with Orientation Days

Having been organized by Near East University not only to facilitate the adaptation of the newcomer students to the academic, social and culture life on the campus and in the country but also to enrich and improve the university life for them, the Orientation Days for the Fall Term of the Academic year 2019-2020 will be realized between 09 September and 04 October 2019.

According to the press release issued by the Directorate of Press and Public Relations Office, a wide range of cultural, social and academic activities are carried out within the scope of Orientation, Welcome and Placement Days that organized annually by the Near East University. The overriding aim of these activities is to ensure the adaptation of the newcomer students and provide them with opportunities to get to know each other, the university and the country.

It was stated that within the scope of the welcome and accommodation program, the newcomers would be welcomed at Ercan Airport and transported to Near East University Campus for accommodation in the dormitories.

In order to provide the newcomer students with adequate information about their new university and the campus, which is like a city in a city, a breakfast event with a talk on “All about Near East University” and a Campus Tour will be held on 21 and 23 September respectively. Besides, in order to support the newcomer students in the adaptation process to the university life and life in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Near East University has prepared a special Orientation Days program including information packs, tips, and trips, social, cultural and academic activities. Nicosia Tour on 25 September, Kyrenia Tour on 27 September, Famagusta Tour and Acoustic Night on 28 September, and Welcome Party on 4th of October will be held within the scope of the program. Through a wide range of activities, students will also have opportunity not only to get to know the university, their faculties and departments, student clubs but also to get acquainted with the faculty members and establish new friendships with each other.

A Useful Talk for Newcomer Students…
In order to facilitate the adaptation process of the newcomer students and provide them with opportunity to get detailed information about the university and campus life, the Students Dean Office will organize a breakfast event with a talk on “All about Near East” on 21 September, 2019. The event will also allow new students to get acquainted with each other and with people in charge of different units under the umbrella of Near East University.

Open Air Cinema Night Event will be realized…
In order to create an opportunity for newcomer students to meet and socialize in a friendly environment, an Outdoor Cinema Night event will be held on the lawn field in front of the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences under the sponsorship of Turkcell GNÇ. Along with film screening, a GNÇ party and karaoke event will be realized during the night. The night will also cover promotions of student clubs / associations and many other activities.

TRNC will be introduced to the Newcomer Students of Near East University…
Within the scope of the Orientation Program that organized by the Near East University Student Dean’s Office, cultural tours to Nicosia, Kyrenia and Famagusta will be organized in order to better introduce the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus to the newcomer students and their accompanying parents. During the tours, the historical and touristic places of Nicosia such as Barbarian Museum, Büyükhan (Great Inn), Arasta/Bedestan, Selimiye Mosque, Dr. Fazıl Küçük’s Mausoleum and the Founding President Rauf Raif Denktaş’ Mausoleum will be visited respectively on 25 September; on the 27th of September, historical and touristic places in Kyrenia region such as Bellapais Monastery, Kyrenia Castle, St. Ömer Tomb, Kyrenia Harbor, Karaoğlanağlu Martyrdom, Yavuz Landing Beach will be visited. The last trip will be realized on 28 September to Famagusta and places of interest such as Famagusta Castle, Famagusta Harbor, Lala Mustafa Pasha Mosque, Namık Kemal Square and the Dungeon will be visited. During the visits, the tour guides of Near East University will provide the students and their accompanying parents with adequate information regarding the places and their importance in our history and culture.

Students will merge with a Resounding Welcome Party…
On the last day of the Orientation Days program, “I Love NEU” activities that sponsored by Telsim Vodafon will be organized by the Student Dean Office within the scope of the Welcome Party. During the event, the promotion of the student clubs/associations affiliated with the Near East University will be realized. In order to ensure a cozy environment, where newcomer students can have fun and enjoy themselves, NEU Student Dean spares no sacrifices in providing buffets with meals and soft drinks, music bands, DJs and dance shows taking breaths away. The Welcome Party aims to gather the newcomer students in a pleasant friendly environment where they will have opportunity to generate a good synergy by merging each other and live the joy of being a new member of Near East Family.