Near East University Faculty of Health Sciences attended an International Congress on Nursing Education in Karadeniz
Date Added: 24 November 2017, 14:03
Last Updated Date:18 December 2020, 08:43

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Academic Members of Department of Nursing of Faculty of Health Sciences of Near East University, Prof. Dr. Firdevs Erdemir, Prof. Dr. Gülşen Vural and Assist. Prof. Dr. Hatice Şen Samsun attended the International Congress on Nursing Education (ICOBNE) in Karadeniz.

According to the press release issued by the Directorate of Press and Public Relations Office of Near East University, the main theme of the congress was “equipping students with skills needed to think and act like a nurse”. At this congress, Prof. Dr. Firdevs Erdemir gave a presentation on “Teaching Diagnosis in Nursing: A cacophony or a symphony”; Prof. Dr. Gülşen Vural gave a presentation titled as “Considering gender stereotype in nursing”; whereas Assist. Prof. Dr. Hatice Şen gave a presentation on “Issues in fields of application in nursing education and seeking solutions”.

It was pointed out that Prof.Dr. Firdevs Erdemir, made significant remarks regarding diagnosis in nursing in relevance to NANDA (North American Nursing Diagnosis Association) and the importance of gaining the right perspective in thinking to make clinical decisions during the process of diagnosis and how these skills could be improved.

Furthermore, Prof. Dr. Erdemir medical model is dominant in nursing education programs and that it was necessary for student nurses to acquire the required skills and knowledge to gain the needed to have a suitable perspective of thinking. During the presentation, Prof. Dr. Erdemir also emphasized certain issues encountered and stressed that in order to improve one’s decision making process regarding nurse diagnosis, certain applications needed to be considered. It was emphasized that there was a need to revise the educational programs on nursing and make necessary changes with regard to diagnosis. She questioned the status and asked whether the education provided currently created a ‘cacophony or a symphony’.

Issues related to fields of application and prospective solutions…

During her presentation on “issues in fields of application in nursing education and seeking solutions”, Assist. Prof. Dr. Hatice Şen pointed out issues encountered in regulations, internship insurance, internship fees, quantity, quality, malpractice, academic staff, counsel nurse, nurses in education, AKTS (work load) and planning education such as problems in working hour calculation and in internship. She also emphasized differences of application hours and workload required by different schools and that there was a need to provide details of the above with the diploma awarded to graduating nurse students. Moreover, other issues regarding dispute among students on different point types required to register to undergraduate programs and the differences in success ratings.