Near East Angels versus the last season champion Galatasaray
Date Added: 23 October 2015, 19:48
Last Updated Date:17 November 2020, 10:44

Near East University Women's Basketball Team, which made it to quarterfinal of Turkish Cup after WBSL group elimination matches held in Samsun and won its first super league match by defeating BSD with a score of 82-78, will take the court versus the last season champion Galatasaray for the second week match on 24th October, 2015.

Manager the General Erhan Ayaz: "We have full confidence in our team,

According to the press release from the Directorate of Press & Public Relations Office of the University of Kyrenia, Erhan Ayaz, Manager the General of NEU Women's Basketball Team, delivered information regarding the team and the match which will take place in Abdi İpekçi Sports Hall at 15:00 hrs on Saturday 24th october, 2015. "Although we are a new team in Turkish Women's Basketball Super League, we are extremely satisfied with the high performance that our team exhibited during WBSL Turkey Cup Elimination Group matches in Samsun and the first match of the super league. I believe that we will show a good performance versus Galatasaray which is one of the toughest away games of the league. Our goal is to sustain our good start and complete the second week of the league with a win by defeating Galatasaray in front of their spectators. The team with a high motivation is in a positive atmosphere. We have full confidence in our team”.

Coach Alper Durur: "By showing high performance so far, we have proven that we are one of the most challenging teams of the super league"

“It will be a tough match to play versus Galatasaray which is the champion of last season and one of the strongest championship candidates of this season. However, by exhibiting a very high performance in Turkey Cup group elimination matches and the opening match of the super league, we have proven that we are also one of the most challenging teams of the super league. We are a tenacious team that never gives up easily. We will determine various strategies versus the team setup of our opponent and continue to combat at the highest level till the end of the game. A challenging but also enjoyable match is waiting for us. Our team, both mentally and physically is ready for the match on Saturday” said Alper Durur.

Kelsey Bone: "I can't wait for Galatasaray match"

Kelsey Bone, player of Near East University Women's Basketball Team, voiced her feelings relevant to the match. "I am not in an extra motivation just because I will play against my old team. However, it is certain that it will be a special match for me. It will be very significant and pleasant to defeat Galatasaray in Istanbul. I can't wait for the match" said she.