Issues regarding Cyprus, Water and Environment will be laid on the table at the Near East University in 2019

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Added On: 09 December 2018, Sunday, 21:18
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Issues regarding Cyprus, Water and Environment will be laid on the table at the Near East University in 2019

It was stated that three conferences with international participation themed on ‘Cyprus’, ‘Water’ and ‘Environment’ would be held by the Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering of Near East University within the year of 2019.

The Directorate of Press and Public Relations Office of Near East University released that the Board of Trustees Chairman Associate Professor İrfan S. Günsel would be the Honorary President of the conference series that would be chaired by Professor Hüseyin Gökçekuş, the Dean of the Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering.

The first of the conferences will be held on 1-3 April 2019 and ‘The Cyprus Issue’ will be discussed in all aspects covering the past, present and future. While ‘Water Problems in Mediterranean Countries” is the theme of the second conference to be held on 6-10 May 2019, ‘The Environment Survival and Sustainability” will be discussed at the third conference on 7-11 October 2019.

English will the medium of conference presentations. The articles will be peer-reviewed by the scientific committee and the all eligible ones will be published as special issue by the most reputable and prestigious journals of the world. Besides, parallel workshops will be held throughout all three conferences to be realized with international participation.

Professor Hüseyin Gökçekuş: “We have been working to Produce Solutions for Local , Regional and Global Problems…”
Highlighting Near East University’s commitment to providing scientific platform for scholars, scientists and field experts to come together and share their knowledge and experiences as well as to generate solutions through fruitful discussions on the respective issues, the Dean of the Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering of Near East University, Professor Hüseyin Gökçekuş stated that they had organized many international conferences and conventions successfully on water, earthquake, environment, ecosystem, health, education, Cyprus problem, and other scientific issues since the establishment of the university in 1988.

Underlining that shedding light and producing solution for local, regional and global issues are among the priorities of the university that is focused on information, science and innovation, Professor Gökçekuş stated that they would organize the conferences with international participation for the second time in 2019 to provide a scientific platform for many prestigious and notable scientists and scholars from all over the world to discuss specific issues including water, environment and Cyprus problem.

Stating that he had worked feverishly with his team for six months to organize the conferences for 2019, Professor Gökçekuş delivered information regarding the issue: “Up to now, we have determined the conference topics precisely, created the web-pages, and sent tens of thousands e-mails in the form of letter of invitation to the respective institutions and organizations with explanatory information about the conferences” noted he.

Professor Gökçekuş underlines that articles considered eligible to be presented at the conferences will be published in conference proceedings book and the ones selected among these articles will be published as special issue by Springer. And selected articles on “Water” will be published in the Desalination and Water Treatment journal.

In his final remarks, Professor Hüseyin Gğkçekus indicated that further information about the conferences could be obtained from the web page of the university. He also invited everyone to the conferences to be realized with the participation and contribution of prestigious scientists from all around the world.

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