Interdisciplinary Security Studies MA Program Opened at Near East University…

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Added On: 19 September 2018, Wednesday, 16:53
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Interdisciplinary Security Studies MA Program Opened at Near East University…

Interdisciplinary Security Studies Master program has been opened to provide students with the necessary knowledge, methods and approaches to analyze the global and regional security problems of our present time in a multidimensional strategic level and to develop projections for future security circles and contexts within the body of Near East University Institute of Social Sciences.

According to the press information released by the Near East University Press and Public Relations Directorate, the Interdisciplinary Security Studies MA Program, which has an interdisciplinary curriculum, has different branches of Social Sciences and will accept students graduating from such branches including Political Science, International Relations, Economics, Law, History, Sociology, Education, Communication Sciences and so on. In addition, in exceptional cases, students who have received a bachelor’s degree from a different field may also be admitted to the program after assessment of their status.

In the MA program where different dimensions of security will be examined in a multifaceted manner, the courses of Safety Theory and Applied Security Studies, which are compulsory courses, are also covered: There will be elective courses such as Strategic Planning, Public Information and Records Management, Conflict Law, Disaster Management, Perception Management, Environmental Security Law, Ethnicity Studies, Food Safety, International Relations Theories, Conflict Resolution in International Relations.

Graduates of the program will have the opportunity to get positions and be employed at a variety of international organizations, including universities, research institutes, think-tanks, national / international media, political organizations and parties, non-governmental organizations, and the public sector as well as taking on effective tasks in the relevant fields.

Prof. Dr. Mustafa Sağsan: We have added another important program to our graduate programs…
Near East University Institute of Social Sciences Director Prof. Dr. Mustafa Sağsan emphasized that a new program has been added to the master’s degree programs and opened for the first time in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus as an interdisciplinary field under the name of “Security Studies Master Program. This program, which makes a big difference in terms of both content and competitiveness, will make a strategic difference not only in the national sense but also in the light of international and universal values in terms of security studies”. Prof. Dr. Sağsan also said “Within the framework of the new paradigms of security sciences, especially cyber terrorism, cyber wars, national and international trade security, can be taught and educated beyond the certificate programs for the first time by a university in a graduate program”.

Assoc. Dr. Umut Koldaş: The Professionals and scientists who will Build the security architecture of the future with science will take their graduate degrees from the Near East University…
Head of Department of Security Studies Assoc. Dr. Umut Koldaş emphasized that the Security Studies Master Program aims to provide students with a multidimensional and interdisciplinary education in the new security fields that emerged with the understanding of changing security concept and global developments in today’s world. Assoc. Dr. Koldaş said, “We have designed this MA program with an interdisciplinary approach in order to examine the national, regional and global dimensions of security in a comprehensive and integrated manner in the light of new approaches, methods and tools. The Security Studies Master Program, which defines the concept of security as a wide and interdisciplinary study and research area, aims to use the theoretical and methodological tools for the analysis of security policies which will be examined by analyzing the basic theories and current debates on security as well as the comprehensive application of these tools to authentic safety research. Assoc. Dr. Koldaş also stated that the program focuses on the local, national and regional and global developments in different security sectors from past to present and the students who are studying in this MA program aiming to understand and explain the security structures and issues through multidisciplinary approach in the light of a multidisciplinary approach, will improve their ability to systematically evaluate the subjects and events in different areas of security throughout the program in the light of scientific methods.

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