II. Bioinformatics Winter School: Workshop on “Computer Methods in Molecular Sciences” held by DESAM Institute
Date Added: 05 March 2020, 17:10
Last Updated Date:17 November 2020, 14:35

II. Bioinformatics Winter School: Workshop on “Computer Methods in Molecular Sciences” was held by the Near East University Experimental Health Sciences Research Center (DESAM).

Academics, researchers and students engaged in molecular and medical sciences came together in the applied workshop, where international teachers from the Sanger Institute, Cambridge University and Koç University shared their experiences, as well as the faculty members of Near East University.

In the workshop where software systems, which form the basis of the bioinformatics field, are described as one-to-one, the principles and applications of the latest technology 'Next-Generation Sequencing' (new generation sequencing) method, which are used for both research and diagnosis purposes in many branches of science such as genetics and microbiology, were shared with the participants.

DNA and RNA Sequencing Methods from Single Cell focused…
Dr. Raheleh Rahbari from the Welcome Sanger Institute, in his presentations on RNA, single-cell sequencing methods and transcriptome analysis, conveyed DNA and RNA sequencing methods and applications from one cell, which is considered as the latest technology today. In addition, he explained in detail the importance of detecting genetic variations encountered in cancer genomics, which can be used in both research and diagnosis.

Again, Sean Laidlaw from the same institute showed the use of 'Linux' software systems, which are frequently used in the field of bioinformatics, and how single-cell sequencing applications and variation detection are made.

Bioinformatics analysis and Usage of Software Systems were discussed...
Dr. Pierpaolo Maisano Delser from the University of Cambridge made presentations on the basis of bioinformatics analysis, data analysis and quality control systems, and the use of the bioinformatics 'R' software system. Koç University Faculty Member Şeref Gül, on the other hand, made a presentation on the silico protein homology model applications and analysis using an identified genetic variants in an interactive study consisting of real cases.

The Use of Epigenetics in Biofinomatics was discussed…
Near East University Faculty of Medicine, Department of Medical Genetics teaching member Assoc. Prof. Dr. Rasime Kalkan also explained how epigenetics can be used in bioinformatics from the basic sciences to the diagnosis and how this information and epigenetic markers can be used in cancer treatment.

Researcher of Near East University DESAM Institute, Berna Uzun, also explained the applications of multi-criteria decision-making theory in health. Near East University DESAM Institute Board Member Assoc. Prof. Dr. Dilber Uzun Özşahin also presented the applications of multi-criteria decision-making theories with different examples in health.