Exemplary behavior from Near East University Molecular Biology and Genetics Students
Date Added: 26 January 2020, 10:50
Last Updated Date:17 November 2020, 15:57

"Neu Genetics Society" affiliated to Near East University, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics made a donation to Cancer Patients Association.

According to the press information given by the Press and Public Relations Directorate of Near East University, the donations collected throughout the donation campaign held at the Near East University Campus for the benefit of cancer patients were delivered to Raziye Kocaismail, the President of the Cancer Patients Association.

Donations collected at the "Lucky Dip" event held by NEU Genetics Society Club head Ayşe Nur Uçar, club members Nigal Hişmioğulları and Nihal Güldüren.

Appreciated Young Brains…
Cancer Patients Association President Raziye Kocaismail stated that they are pleased with the visit and expressed that they appreciate the charity activity organized by young brains who are raising in the field of molecular biology genetics.

Students are the source of proud...
Head of Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics and NEU Genetics Society responsible advisor Prof. Dr. Nedime Serakıncı stated that these efforts of Near East University students both make them proud and emotional. Prof. Dr. Serakıncı added that the future will be safer with these sensitive young people and added that such studies will continue to be increased.

Stating that “NEU Genetics Society” was founded in 2017 in order to raise awareness of the genetic problems in the society, to develop experiences of students in this field and to make them take part in social information projects, Prof. Dr. Serakıncı said that the major activities to be carried out by the Society are cancer related studies.

Studies are supported…
Dean of the Near East University Students, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Dudu Özkum Yavuz said that the efforts of the "NEU Genetic Society" students affiliated with her office exalted them and that such studies will always be supported by the Dean of Students of Near East University.