Being the leading gear of the contemporary and quality education, Near East Preschool, Near East Primary School and Near East College start to offer education on September 1, 2020 in their modern and high-tech equipped campus located in Yeniboğaziçi-Famagusta
Date Added: 02 July 2020, 14:43
Last Updated Date:17 November 2020, 10:04

Being the leading gear of the quality education in our country, Near East Schools Group with its competent teaching staff, 42-year experience in education, innovative education model and technological infrastructure is dedicated to continuing to offer quality education and raising the generations of the future. Near East Schools Group, which is deeply bound to this country and committed toopening new horizons for our country, adopts it as her fundamental objective to expand quality education all across the country. To this end, in her large modern education campus, which houses high-tech equipped Near East school buildings including Preschool, Primary School, Middle School and High School, Near East Schools Group will start to offer quality education in Yeniboğaziçi-Famagusta on September 1, 2020.

Aiming to accommodate the demands of students looking for quality education in a distinguished educational environment, Near East College, which is a brand in education with her contemporary infrastructure as well as her deep-rooted institutional culture and quality education, will open her doors to students residing in the Famagusta region. With her responsibility of being the first private school in the island, Near East College will share her 42-year experience in education with students living in Famagusta region and provide all opportunities required to raise them in the best way. Near East College, which has left her mark by achieving many accomplishments so far, is committed to raising well-equipped students, who are capable to use a second foreign language along with English fluently, accurately and effectively, who are self-confident and innovative, who have global vision and critical thinking ability, and who are capable to think big and make their dreams come true.

A social and safe Campus with laboratories equipped with the first-end latest educational technologies…
The Near East School complex, of which buildings are licensed with construction permits and have reached the stage of completion in Yeniboğaziçi, will offer her students quality education in a social and safe environment. This distinguished campus houses contemporary classes equipped with technologies required for interactive education, physics-chemistry-biology labs equipped with the latest cutting-edge technologies, computer labs, science workshops, library, painting-music-dance and other art activity rooms, multi-purpose performance and meeting halls, outdoor sports fields and refectories.In addition to the laboratories, lessons will be carried out in all classrooms equipped with interactive whiteboards to improve lessons, to cater all learning styles and to create more interest and motivation among students through audio-visual tools.

Bilingual education in Near East Preschool and Kindergarten…
In the newly established contemporary education campus, individuals, who have broader and inquisitive perspective, who are self-confident, who are capable to use foreign language(s) fluently and effectively, who are able to think intellectually and creatively, will be raised through English language education and bilingual education matching the standards set by national and international bodies, and through versatile preschool education that tailored to develop the intellectual and social requirements of the children.Being aware that a student with a foreign language is always a step ahead in the international education arena, Near East Preschool offers bilingual education within the frame of the collaboration with Cambridge University Press. A Turkish nursery school teacher and a nursery teacher whose native language is English will implement the lessons in Turkish and English simultaneously. The educational curriculum also comprises French as a second foreign language in order to enable students to get acquainted with different culture and languages at an early age.

Children with improved awareness and creativity via mindfulness and science workshop...
Being the leading hub of nursery education in our country, Near East Preschool attaches great importance on meeting the intellectual and social development of the children as well as strengthening their relations with their families. To this end, Near East Preschool has empowered her curriculum with mindfulness activities and science workshop to raise conscious awareness among school-aged children. Activities that will strengthen student-family ties will be organized within the frame of the Yoga Mandala and Mindfulness Workshop.Equipped with first-end latest technology, Science Workshop and experimental labs will provide the children with opportunity to learn new scientific concepts while having fun through workshop activities and lab experiments designed and tailored appropriately for each age-group. In addition, they will gain environmental and nature awareness with the environmental education they will receive within the scope of Science Workshop. Starting from age 3, robotic coding, information technologies and software courses will be implemented in a fun form. Near East Preschool, which adopts it as her fundamental objective to prepare the children for primary education in the best way, will also gradually implement a literacy preparation program consisting of symbol studies, sound studies and comprehension-expression studies.

Individuals who are able to transform values into behavior will be raised through “Values Education”…
The “Values Education”, which is a part of Near East Preschool education system, not only allows the children to get acquainted with "core values” such as love, respect, cooperation, peace, responsibility, sharing, patience and honesty during their academic development, butalso provides them with opportunity to gain awareness and make these abstract concepts concrete by experiencing them.

A strong English Infrastructure with the Cambridge International Primary Program…
Apart from the English language courses, science, mathematics and computer courses will be implemented in English at Near East Preschool as a result of the curriculum studies conducted with Cambridge University.In collaboration with other disciplines such as music, painting, physical education and art and through blending English education with the native language via a well-structured language education, children will be equipped with knowledge and skills required to use their mother tongue Turkish properly and speak English as fluently and effectively as their native language. In Near East Primary School, which is based on interdisciplinary learning, students will develop original projects with Coding and Robotics literacy lessons.

All Courses will be taught in English…
All courses will be implemented in English at Near East College, which has become a brand in foreign language teaching by achieving outstanding success at exams held by international bodies. With her outstanding success in foreign language education, Near East College opens the doors of studying abroad which is the dream of every student. In its new contemporary education campus, Near East College will offer French or German as a third language option to the students, who have competence in using their native language Turkish masterly and equipped with a strong English infrastructure.

Near East College will open the doors of the dream of studying abroad for students residing in Famagusta region...
Near East College, which has become a brand and well-known educational institution by achieving highest marks in the foreign language exams and of which foreign language teaching programs are accredited by the International Cambridge Exam Center,follows the computer exam curriculum of the International Lower Secondary (ILS) of the Cambridge International Exam Center, which is one of the world's most prestigious exam centers conducting IGCSE and A-Level exams, of which certificates have validity in Europe, Turkey, Cyprus and other countries. Another innovative step that Near East College covered is to follow the Science and Mathematics curricula of Pearson-Edexcel exam centers.With her educational mission aiming to teach English at the highest level and being the Edexcel exam center that is internationally recognized, Near East College will also prepare students living in Famagusta for IELTS, SAT and TOEFL exams, all of which are valid and recognized all over the world.

NECSIS System Application that informs parents about the academic performance of their children…
Parents will be provided with opportunity to access detailed information regarding the academic development of their children via NECSIS web application, where statistical analysis demonstrating students' exams results are available.

Rich Social and Cultural Activities...
In addition to academic education, students will learn to socialize with activities that they will participate in individually or as a group, while increasing their qualifications and social skills through the sports halls, art workshops, music-orchestra workshop, painting, dance rooms and educational park that will develop their social and cultural qualifications on a campus environment.

Sait Baki: “We want to move our education mission to Famagusta region…”
Speaking about the new college to be opened in Famagusta, Near East College Famagusta Director Sait Baki said that they will prepare students for life with a holistic education approach that includes social, cultural, emotional and academic development at the new educational campus equipped with all the requirements of a qualified school. Stating that they want to take the educational success of the Near East College to the residents of Famagusta, School Principal Baki said, “We aimed to provide an education to our children, who will have a say in the future and enlighten the world of the future, to discover and develop their individual talents and make them successful. We have been bringing the quality and reassuring education of the Near East College, which had opened the doors to its students with its pioneering achievements in education, for the future dreams of young people in Famagusta and its region.”

Baki stated that Near East College, which provides education to thousands of students in kindergarten, primary school, middle school and high school in Nicosia region with its education model in line with the needs of the age, will realize a new education investment with the aim of raising the generations that meet and challenge to the future needs in terms of the local and international values. Stating that they will continue to focus on their mission and vision by educating children who will take a role in the future of the country and of the society with the educational vision of the Near East College, Sait Baki said, "We will grow them in a way so that they will overcome the requirements of our age, and that they will have solid roots like a tree giving fruits."

İzzet Yılmaz: “We will take the trustworthy quality education offered by the Near East College to the feet of our youth in Famagusta and its region ...”
Stating that the effort to bring qualified education to all parts of the country is a Near East mission and that investments have been made for this purpose, Izzet Yılmaz, the Director of Famagusta Primary School, said that the education campus, which has been brought to the Famagusta region, will start operating in the new academic year and raise the generations of the future. Expressing that they are happy to bring in the privilege of being a student at the Near East Preschool, Near East Primary School and Near East College, Yılmaz said that they will present the educational environment of the future for the children of the region through the educational models that adopt modern sciences and technology oriented education principles for the needs of the future.

Voicing that the Near East Schools group, which is one of the most rooted private schools in the country, has successfully advanced its educational activities in private schools with its educational approach and innovative aspect, Yılmaz emphasized the privilege of being a Near Easterner. Izzet Yılmaz said, “Being in line with the idea that every child is unique and private, school structures and classrooms, which are designed considering every single detail from the very first years to university education, are decorated to make students aware of their own culture, open to innovation, become self-confident, and be aware of their own existence and feel how special they are. Especially, since the first ages, we develop the lifelong cultural accumulation and language learning skills of the students through our bilingual education model that enables children to adopt the existence of a different language and to acquire the language development habit, and to be able to communicate with a different language. We implement an innovative education system that provides foreign language education, social education, academic education, art-sports education and intellectual accumulation gains in our technology-oriented education curriculum, considering different learning styles of students. We will prepare our children for life so that they can develop a beautiful future for themselves in accordance with their own wishes and abilities and choose the areas that will best suit their abilities.”

Beyza Kılınç: "We will offer a supporting education environment for the mental, emotional, social and language development of children ..."
Beyza Kılınç, the Director of the Famagusta Near East Preschool, said that they will apply a curriculum based on the ability of children to use Turkish correctly and effectively, while developing their bilingual communication skills in English language with a bilingual education approach.

Stating that they will receive education within the framework of a curriculum of activities through which students can take part and learn as an individual participant, Kılınç said “We will provide an educational environment within which our children will explore themselves in an education system that supports their mental, emotional, social and language development by considering their individual differences and needs in the best and safe environment. In addition to English education, we will provide French education as a second foreign language to our children, for whom we will lay the foundation of robotic coding from the age of 3. In the classrooms, Turkish and English lectures will be teaching simultaneously.”

Prof. Dr. İrfan Suat Günsel: “We are happy and proud to share our educational experience with our children in Famagusta Region...”
Expressing that they have raised generations by building trust in education for 42 years based on an innovative education model and modern infrastructure, Near East University Chairman of the Board of Trustees Prof. Dr. İrfan Suat Günsel said that they are proud and happy to take their educational knowledge, experience and equipment to the children of Famagusta region. On a campus that contains everything a qualified education campus needs in today's conditions, Prof. Dr. İrfan S. Günsel stated that they will prepare our children's future so that academically they will be fully equipped individuals by exploring and developing their talents and skills from the very first steps they take.

Prof. Dr. İrfan Suat Günsel said, “We have set out to train the innovative scientists, engineers, software developers, designers, architects and artists of the future at all our schools as our primary educational target. As a school that cares about high quality education, foreign language teaching, personal development and social responsibility programs, we will raise generations who will become the devoted, enthusiastic leaders of future leaders in the age of digital revolution. From kindergarten to high school, we will train our students with science workshops, robotic coding, high level of contemporary education conducted in two languages in collaboration with Cambridge University, and supported by various materials and STEAM kits, applied projects and digital content."

Expressing that they are delighted to provide modern education services to the students of Famagusta with the education campus they have established in the Famagusta region, Prof. Dr. İrfan Suat Günsel said that, while raising individuals with a global vision to be competent people in English and a second language on the modern, science and technology oriented education campus, the children of the region will enjoy the privilege of becoming a Near Easterner.