Applied training workshops of Özay Günsel Children’s University boost the children’s mental and social development
Date Added: 08 December 2019, 00:50
Last Updated Date:17 November 2020, 16:50

The Fall Term Program of Özay Günsel Children's University, which aims to develop the children's creative and practical thinking abilities by providing them with opportunity to come together with scientists under the roof of the university at an early age, continues with novel training workshop apps designed to enable different age groups to transform theoretical knowledge into practice.

According to the info provided by Özay Günsel Children's University, throughout the first seven week of the Fall Term, Özay Günsel Children's University students engaged in learning activities regarding art, science and sports and participated in educational, instructive and fun training workshops designed meticulously to help children to develop their solution-oriented thinking abilities, their academic skills and transform their theoretical knowledge into practical knowledge.

Art and Sports activities for mental and social development...
Within the scope of the training workshops, where the students have opportunity to put their theoretical knowledge into practice through fun programs designed in the line of age groups, the World Group and the Sun Group students had opportunity to engage in various sports activities at Near East University Sports Tower. The World Group students engaged in Pilates exercises for kids and the Sun Group students engaged in TRX exercises under the guidance of Mahnaz Tavakolian Far.

Then, the World Group and the Sun Group students participated in the workshop held at Atatürk Faculty of Education under the title of "I know the musical Instruments, I compose my own composition 2". Within the scope of the workshop and under the guidance of Associate Professor Emine Kıvanç Öztuğ, Assistant Professor Erkan Sülün and Expert Neriman Soykurt, the students overviewed what they had learned in the previous workshop and learned the musical notes and how to compose a composition.

Curiosity and Interest raising apps have been carried out...
Within the scope of the weekly course program, the World Group and the Sun Group Students participated in Mathematics Workshop, Dental Health Workshop at the Faculty of Dentistry and Tropical Animals Workshop at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, all of which designed to raise children's aspiration, curiosity and interest in the respective fields.

Under the guidance of Assistant Professor Aylin Islam, lecturer at the Faculty of Dentistry, the World Group students participated in the Dental Health Workshop held under the title "Function of teeth in the digestive system, how to chew-up the food" and learned the types of the teeth and their functions as well as the important role of chewing in preparing the food to travel through the rest of digestive system. The students were also informed about the proper dental care and had their teeth controlled.

The Sun Group students realized a Mathematics Workshop based on activities regarding the basic mathematics. Within the scope of the workshop that designed by the mathematic teaching staff of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, the, students participated in activities designed to enable them to easily understand the most basic concepts of mathematics.

Then, the students participated in the workshop titled "Interesting tropical animals" and were provided information about the characteristics of the of the animals living in tropical climate and their habitat conditions by Associate Professor Mehmet Ege, lecturer at NEU Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. They learned that whales are mammals, not fish despite being wholly water-resident. They also learned that octopuses are cephalopods and crabs are arthropods.