Academicians of Near East Universities Evaluated Short Stories and Novels in Cyprus Turkish Literature

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Academicians of Near East Universities Evaluated Short Stories and Novels in Cyprus Turkish Literature

Academicians of Near East University Assoc Prof Dr. Mustafa Yeniasır and Assoc Prof Dr Burak Gökbulut wrote an article titled as “An Evaluation on the Status and Development of Short Stories and Novels in Turkish Cypriot Literature in the Historical Process” and therefore, explained the quantitative and qualitative features of narratives in Turkish Cypriot literature.

According to the press release issued by the Directorate of Press and Public Relations of Near East University, Near East University Academicians Assoc Prof Dr Mustafa Yeniasır and Assoc Prof Dr Burak jointly wrote an article and published in a Journal called “Bizim Külliye”, a Journal which regularly publishes in Elazığ, Turkey.

They stated that novels and short stories in the Cyprus Turkish Literature had gone a long way compared to the past and added that in addition to national novels, there were novels which focus on universal themes such as peace and brotherhood, and novels that are realistic, socialist realistic, postmodern, fantastic and on crime.

Measures Needed to Develop Turkish Cypriot Novel and Story
In the publication, it is stated that there has been a significant increase in the number of novels in Turkish Cypriot literature, especially after the 2000s and the first names to come to mind among the novelists were Hikmet Afif Mapolar, Özker Yaşın, İsmail Bozkurt, Bekir Kara, Özden Selenge and Serpil Yalçın.

Furthermore, it was stated that there were certain shortcomings in the Turkish Cypriot novels and pointed out that the Turkish Cypriot novel has not been adequately studied in terms of literary science. Moreover, it is stated that there is a big gap in Turkish Cypriot literature due to not enough studies conducted on novels.

Emphasis is placed on the need for further studies to reintegrate old print novels into society and explained that these studies will contribute to the development of Turkish Cypriot novel tradition. Moreover, it was mentioned that protective, supportive and encouraging measures are needed for the development of the novel and story which will be the mirror of Cyprus and Turkish Cypriot people and that the studies on the story were almost non-existent.

“The specificity of Cyprus is evident in the genre of story because storytellers have always been committed to the phenomenon of Cyprus. Literature focused on daily life and plain people. When examining the formation and development of Turkish Cypriot literature especially in terms of story and novel arts, it is possible to observe a positive developmental path. The writers who worked in these fields of art tried to create, develop and maintain a national Turkish Cypriot literature with their language, style and spirit.”