A New Javelin Throwing Record by Near East College
Date Added: 02 January 2016, 23:16
Last Updated Date:18 November 2020, 11:29

Near East College has added another achievement to its previous achievements in sports! Alp KARDEŞ, who is a Near East College student, has broken the record (46.86cm) record in javelin trowing for 16 years of age, which has not been able to be broken for years by throwing a distance of 52.40cm.

Near East College’s achievement has been expressed to attract a great deal of attention ath the “record breaking attempts” which has taken place at the Atatürk Stadium and under the inspection of the Federation and referees. It was pointed out that the Physical Education Teachers at Near Eat College and javelin throwing trainers; Niyazi Serhaner, Özgür Kıralp and Mustafa Erbulut had made a joint statement to the NEU Directorate of Press and Public Relations Office, stressing how proud and honoured they were of their student’s achievement and added that this was the result of disciplined and ambitious training, alongside benefitting from the opportunities provided by the Near East University facilities.