1450 Athletes, 59 Championships

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1450 Athletes, 59 Championships

There are1450 athletes from all sports fields except football at the Near East University and during the 2016-2017 season, these athletes have brought the University 59 different Championships.

Just as the success attained in the field of education, Near East University has now become a reference point within Northern Cyprus regarding achievements made in the field of sports. The University has made exemplary steps and thus helped to take the participation and attainments in sports to an international arena. As the 2016-2017 Academic Year is about to end, the University has achieved 59 different Championship with its 1450 athletes who competed in various field of sports except for football.

The vision of the Near East University, which targets the university to extend success and achievements in the field of education alongside attainments in the field of sports, has led to triumphs both on the island and at the international platform. Such that, the Women’s Basketball Team of Near East University has won the 2016-2017 Turkish Basketball Cup, EuroCup Championship and also the Championship of the Women’s Basketball League of Turkey. In addition to these, the University has also made other attainments in national and international fields of other sports; all of which caused the Near East University to become the centre of attraction in other countries due to its successes.

World famous basketball athletes were recruited to the Near East University Women’s Basketball Team, adding their skills and experiences to the team to make a rather competent basketball team. As one of the strongest teams competing in the Women’s Basketball League of Turkey, Near East University Women’s Basketball teams has recently defeated Fenerbahçe, and has become the Champion of the League; making its mark across the country. In addition to the above, the NEU has also attained championships in both men’s and women’s sports organisations held by the University Sports Federation of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus such as; athletics, cycling, chess, darts, tennis, indoors football, swimming and wrestling.

Furthermore, Near East Junior College (the primary school) has also achieved a total of 5 championships including swimming, badminton, athletics and tennis. Moreover, Near East College achieved 15 different championships during the 2016-2017 academic year in swimming, running, cross, and athletics.

1450 Athletes, 59 Championships

The NEU won and took all the Cups to its Museum…

During the 2016-2017 Season, Near East University Women’s Basketball team competed in the European and Turkish Basketball Leagues and has won all the cups; bringing all the cups to the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and placing them in its museum. Furthermore, the NEU has also attained the championship cup in the Kıbrıs Vakıflar Bank Men’s Basketball League. Moreover, it has also become the champion of Presidency Cup and in young men’s basketball league. Additionally, Near East University has become the Champion of Kıbrıs Vakıflar Bank Young Men’s Basketball League and also Mehmetali Aksay Young Men’s Basketball Tournament Champion. Over and above, the Near East University continued with its success and became the Champion of Kıbrıs Vakıflar Bank Professional Men’s Basketball League and Atilla Topaloğlu Professional Men’s Basketball Tournament.

1450 Athletes, 59 Championships

A lot of records were broken in swimming…

Near East University has become the Champion of 2016-2017 season Professionals, Young and Adults categories for both men and women. What is more is that 8 Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus records were broken in Age group 12. Since the date of foundation in 1997, swimming athletes of the Near East University have been trained at the Indoors Olympic Swimming Pool of the University by the skilful and competent coaches of the Near East University.

1450 Athletes, 59 Championships

Near East University has become the star of wrestling…

The Near East University has clearly made its mark at its success in the field of wrestling as well winning the Championship of the following: Adults Greko-Romen Competition, Mehmet Şemmedi Adults Freestyle Wrestling Competition, Rifat Şener Freestyle Wrestling Competition, Rauf Denktaş Adults Freestyle Competition, Ali Çerkez Freestyle Wrestling Competitions, Raif Kaya Wrestling Competition.

1450 Athletes, 59 Championships

NEU also made achievements in Badminton, Volleyball, Chess and Handball…

Near East University has become the champion in Men’s and Women’s Badminton; winning the Carlton Badminton League. What is more is that Near East University also won the Volleyball Euro Valencia 2017,Rauf Raif Denktaş Cup and 16. Levent Soykut Cup. Additionally, the NEU won the Chess Federation Cup; Adults Women’s Handball Cup and Cyprus Turkish Sports Writers’ Association Cup and Men’s Cyprus Turkish Sports Writers’ Association Cup; alongside winning the Super Cup Championship.

1450 Athletes, 59 Championships

In the matches played among universities, Near East University became the Champion both as a team and as Champions of men’s and women’s…

Organised by the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus Sports Federation in 15 different branches of sports, Near East University became the Champion in Women’s Teams for Athletics, Basketball, Cycling, Chess, Tennis and Swimming. On the other hand, Near East University men’s teams became the champion of athletics, basketball, indoors football, cycling, darts, wrestling and swimming, making a total of 13 championships.

1450 Athletes, 59 Championships

Assoc. Prof. Dr. İrfan Günsel: “Nothing can stop the achievements of hard work”…

Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Near East University, Assoc. Prof. Dr. İrfan Günsel stated that success could not by attained by chance and that it could be achieved by means of hard work. Making further statements on the matter, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Günsel, said that the Near East University had 1450 athletes with licence and that the aim of the University was not only to raise good sportspersons but also to raise good, ethical, successful individuals who will do good for the society they are living in. He added that the success of the NEU was the result of well planned and organised team work.

1450 Athletes, 59 Championships

“Achievements in sports are being added to the achievements attained in education…”

Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Near East University, Assoc. Prof. Dr. İrfan Günsel continued to make remarks on the overall attainments of Near East University and expressed that a University should not only be the centre of education but should also embrace social, cultural and sportive activities. He said that this was the reason why they valued sports as much as they did. Furthermore, he said that activities such as sports led people to work for something good and there was no room for doing wrong. Moreover, he said that they were trying to successfully represent the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus at an international platform and in a way make all the isolations and embargoes imposed on the Turkish Cypriots to be removed and overcome.