“We want half of what our neighbor wants.”

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Added On: 25 September 2020, Friday, 16:24
Last Edited On: 25 September 2020, Friday, 16:34

“We want half of what our neighbor wants.”
I would like to share my feelings and thoughts.

During the presidential election process, the right to express my thoughts is not a right of me due to my efforts I have been making for 42 years for the future of my country, for taking the place we deserve in the World, for strengthening our roots in our country. First of all, as a citizen, I am hereby fulfilling the right and duty to express my thoughts.

All institutions, organizations and individuals should share their opinions and demands without hesitation in such a process. As you know, both the international conjuncture, the place of our state in this complicated process and the multi-dimensional meaning of the Presidential election indicate that this time is the “right time” to share my thoughts.

We must take the person who will defend our wishes to the office of the President. I will deal with the conceptual and legal dimensions later, however, I must first and foremost touch upon a fundamental issue on which my thoughts and feelings are focused; it is our standpoint and approach towards our motherland Turkey, our understanding of the existence of the Republic of Turkey.

All the different ideas, all kinds of arguments, contrasts and conflicts, even our “political fights” are essentially the forms of our internal affairs.

In the final analysis, there is no doubt that all these are related to Turkey. The relevance of this fact stands out as a historical fact even beyond the position of Turkey as a guarantor state.

However, we should not centralize our political debates on Turkey.

Turkey’s quarterback position, experience and ability in developing strategies are our greatest chances.

The mistakes made in terms of political, administrative and election issues stand out, unfortunately, not just as the mistakes when Turkey is concerned.

The constitutional and political future should be based on good neighborly relations. This is certain; “We want half of what our neighbor wants.”

I would also like to express my thoughts on the basis of law, the concept of the Republic, the international ground, the basic identity of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, how the dynamics coincide with the principles of the existence of our state for our people, and how the Presidential Election is based on this historical synthesis.

I would like to share my views on our present and future, too.

The historical meaning of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is directly stated in its definition; Our country and our state is a “Turkish Republic”.

What we are living in today is the result of a struggle for existence and a life embodied by the dynamics of history. In other words, this is a conception of identity, belonging, patriotism, cultural and material kinship.

The republic, as you know, is, first of all, a form of state; It is about the regulation of the state’s existence, its functions and functioning.

However, throughout the organization of the society in its own context, the concept of Republic includes a de facto devotion manifested by historical accumulation and loyalty as well as the legal formation of the administration.

In summary, the legal character and the responsibility, which is at the roots of the social consciousness, have a meaning with its historical foundations. The freedom gates are only opened in this way. A cross-sectional and agenda-oriented responsibility remains a conception that is contented with the power of administration, not sovereignty.

Regarding the terms of state, its officials in every field and level predicate the happiness of its people upon everything.

I would like to say that it is obvious that our thoughts at the principal level shed light on the chaos of international relations and consequently overlap with them.

It is undoubted that all the basic issues regarding the Turkish Republic of Cyprus are intertwined with all the fundamental issues in the Eastern Mediterranean surrounding our country, and that our rights and interests are inseparable from our national interests. And, the fact that our State forms a focal point in the middle of our social existence reveals itself indisputably.

In the Mediterranean, the Eastern Mediterranean, and also in the Aegean Sea, which also means Mediterranean, it is necessary to prevent irrational practices and fatalities from wearing legal guise and all factors should be based on equity. This is the focus, the big picture. The issues of energy, “gas” and oil, territorial waters, and continental shelf problems should be resolved and will be resolved on the basis of equity that I have mentioned.

Democracy means concretizing the idea that lies at the core of Human Rights theory and definitions, and taking its place at the political level.

In line with the main idea of the concept of “freedom”, democratic elements starting with the fundamental rights and freedoms, and emerging throughout a democratic process, and finally elections, undoubtedly as an important element of existence and indication of freedom and democracy, take their places in pluralist life.

However, as I have noted before, the political and social preferences, the “Republic”, the “State” must be reached by walking along the historically laid paths.

Dr. Suat İrfan GÜNSEL