Turkish press history was put under the spotlight with two documentary screenings held at Near East University!
Date Added: 28 February 2024, 15:04

“Press History through Documentaries” was put under the spotlight with the documentary screening organized in cooperation with the Near East University Faculty of Communication, Department of Journalism and the Turkish Cypriot Journalists Association. At the event held at the Near East University Faculty of Communication Orange Hall, the documentary titled “Turkish Cypriot Press History” which was directed by Dr. Vasvi Çiftçioğlu and “On Communication with Hıfzı Topuz” directed by Dr. Elnaz Nasehi were screened.

While the documentary “On Communication with Hıfzı Topuz”, which attracted the attention of journalism students at the event, focused on the history of the Turkish press, the journey of the Turkish Cypriot press from the arrival of the first printing house to the island until recent history was discussed with the documentary “Turkish Cypriot Press History”.

Before the screening of the documentary, Near East University Journalism Department Head Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ayça Demet Atay shared information about the CVs of the directors and spoke on their national and international achievements that left their mark on the history of the press. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Atay touched upon the works of the well-known communication doyen Hıfzı Topuz, who passed away recently, at UNESCO and his contributions to the institutionalization of communication education in Turkey.

The screening started with the documentary “On Communication with Hıfzı Topuz” and continued with the documentary titled “Turkish Cypriot Press History”. While the question-answer sessions were held after the screenings, A certificate of appreciation was presented to Assist. Prof. Dr. Elnaz Nasehi.

Two documentaries, two histories!
The documentary titled “Turkish Cypriot Press History”, scripted and directed by director, journalist, and academician Dr. Vasvi Çiftçioğlu, deals with the history of the Cypriot press from 1878, when the printing press came to the island, to the present day. The documentary, which reveals the history of the press with newspaper clippings and graphics, also includes interviews with many journalists, researchers-writers and photographers. The documentary “Turkish Cypriot Press History” was prepared within the scope of the “Possible: Stronger, Free, Ethical Journalism Project” implemented within the Turkish Cypriot Journalists Union.

The documentary “On Communication with Hıfzı Topuz” undertaken by Elnaz Nasehi conveys to the audience the transformation of the press in different periods of Turkey through the eyes of experienced journalist-writer Hıfzı Topuz.