The Subtleties of Creating Brand in the Profession Were Discussed…
Date Added: 23 May 2019, 13:45
Last Updated Date:18 November 2020, 16:41

A conference titled "Creating Brand in Profession" was realized at the Faculty of Communication of Near East University.

The Directorate of Press and Public Relations Office of Near East University released that the conference titled "Creating Brand in Profession" was held at the Orange Hall of the Faculty of Communication. Participating in the conference as the speaker, Professor Sevinç Yücecan, the Dean of Faculty of Health Sciences, made a presentation on choosing the proper profession and creating brand in profession.

Prior the presentation, the participants enjoyed joyful moments with a guitar recital performed by Şahan Akyüz, student at the Department of Radio, TV and Cinema of the Faculty of Communication.

The conference was realized with the participation of Professor Hüsnü Can Başer, the Director of the Health Sciences Graduate School, Professor Ihsan Çalış, the Dean of Faculty of Pharmacy, Professor Meltem Nalça, Head of the Department of Radiation Oncology, Professor Nurhan Bayraktar, the Dean of Faculty of Nursing, Professor Fatma Öz, lecturer at the Department of Psychiatry, Associate Professor Fevzi Kasap, Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Communication, faculty members and students.

Prof. Dr. Yücecan: "Love Your Job..."
Highlighting the crucial role of enjoying and loving one's job above all in producing magnificent works, Professor Yücecan stated that there was a job for everyone that one could do by enjoying it adding that one shouldn't give up looking for it in case of not finding that job yet.

Prof. Dr. Yücecan: "You Need to Be Innovative in Order to Be a Distinguishe One in Your Profession..."
Grounding on processes she experienced in establishing her own career, Professor Yücecan drew attention to the importance of enjoying and loving one's job as well as devoted efforts in establishing a distinguished career over the others. Underlining the importance of being innovative in establishing a distinguished career, Professor Yücecan stated that self-renewal was one of the most important key factors for one to exist in the profession. Addressing the significance of communication and nonverbal communication in creating effectiveness, Professor Yücecan stated that nonverbal communication had importance in giving clear messages while communicating with other individuals.

Talking about the importance of feeling oneself valuable, Professor Yücecan advised the participants not to neglect to whisper the people in their lives how indispensable they were.