The shootings of the cinema movie Dr. Dilara, which is the second great project after the movie Code name Venus, are in progress

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The shootings of the cinema movie Dr. Dilara, which is the second great project after the movie Code name Venus, are in progress

Tamer Garip, the scenarist, director and producer of the movie “Code Name Venus”, is coming up with a new cinema movie called Dr. Dilara, which is a project of the Faculty of Communication that produced by Near East University.
Dr. Dilara, which is the second great project after the movie Code Name Venus that was screened at Cannes Film Festival and at cinemas in Turkey-Cyprus in 2012, is also a Cyprus issue-driven movie in terms of its production, director, players and storyline.

Dr. Dilara is a tragedy and thriller movie. Its storyline is based on the mysterious history of Cyprus and it features the fight of Dilara, who is the only daughter of a Cypriot family that decides to return to Cyprus with her 4 year-old-daughter upon the death of her husband after living in Italy for long years. After being employed as an academic by Near East University, Dr. Dilara finds herself in hell while feeling in heaven during the research process of her study on the documentary regarding mass graves in Cyprus.

Who is Ruhsan Ankay that portrays the leading character of the movie?

Movie and theater actress Ruhsan Ankay was born in Nicosia. After completing her primary and secondary education at Near East College, she studied acting at Istanbul Beykent University.

In order to develop her acting skills, Ankay played in various commercials and short films throughout her university life. She acted the leading actress in the short films called “Haziran” and “Nezire”.

Ankay was nominated as the Best Actress at the festival where she participated in with the theater play “Harikalar Avlusu”. She achieved success in Istanbul State Theaters exam in 2014 and played in the drama “Ellerim arasındaki Hayat” directed by Peter Ustinov.

Ankay’s successful performance in theater and cinema movies paved her way to the leading role in Dr. Dilara. Living the experience of playing as the leading actress in a movie for the first time, Ankay draws attention with her compatible and disciplined work style in movie set.

Actors, who are more valuable than each other, act in the movie of which shootings continue in full swing

Popular Turkish actor Cengiz Bozkurt is one of the figures in the cast of movie. He portrays Carlo, the Italian businessman character in the film.

Buse Kırpala, who plays the supporting role of the movie, is yet 5 years old. Buse Kırpala, who portrays Dr. Dilara’s daughter in the movie, currently studies at Near East Pre-School.

Tamer Garip’s second movie Dr. Dilara continues in full swing

Underlining that film making requires a long preparation process, Tamer Garip expresses his views: “Producing a film takes three years; it may sometimes require even a longer period. Making a film is a long-run process”.

Tamer Garip underlines that 200 bit-players and students, assistants working behind the camera and secretaries along with the leading character take part in every stage of the filmmaking process.

Students are gaining a professional experience

“The movie Dr. Dilara provides opportunity for students studying at the Department of Filmmaking and the Department of Radio-TV Technologies of the Faculty of Communication to gain a comprehensive range of practical experience by taking part in the filmmaking process along with the professional figures of the cinema sector. The students are experiencing the privilege of gaining experience by strengthening their scientific education with active practical applications in the movie”.