The Pleasure of dining at ‘The 9th Floor Restaurant’ of Near East University with Live Classical Music…
Date Added: 26 February 2018, 10:28
Last Updated Date:20 November 2020, 14:17

Near East University provides dining services at 42 different locations on campus including 13 canteens, 22 cafeterias, 5 dining halls and 2 restaurants.

The 9th Floor Restaurant’ at the İrfan Günsel Congress Centre, Near East University has a different concept providing high-end dining services as ‘a la carte’.

“Live classical music, distinguished menu and a peaceful ambiance...”
According to the press release issued by the Directorate of Press and Public Relations of Near East University, “The 9th Floor Restaurant” is one of the best dining locations on campus. There is live classical music on weekdays from 12:00 – 14:00; providing a peaceful and elite ambiance for those who dine.

Making a statement on the matter, Head of NEU Canteens and Cafeterias Mehmet Çobanoğlu, expressed that the “The 9th Floor Restaurant’ provided an opportunity for individuals to have a break from a busy and intensive working schedule and provide them the opportunity to enjoy dining in a peaceful environment while listening to live classical music. He added that this restaurant did not only provide dining services to NEU Academic Members and students, but also to anyone who wished to come along. He pointed out that the restaurant was open 7 days of a week.

“You have the chance to enjoy the delicious recopies made by a Special Chef who came from Istanbul while enjoying the beautiful scene of the restaurant”
Furthermore, Head of NEU Canteens and Cafeterias Mehmet Çobanoğlu expressed that there were a variety of dishes including fish, chicken and red meat, alongside pasta dishes. He emphasised that customers had a wide selection of special and delicious dishes made by a Special Chef who came from Istanbul and they could enjoy dining while also enjoying the beautiful scene which the restaurant has.